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We tried Bangalore’s BIGGEST PARATHA and it doesn’t get more DESI!

Mooch Marod has several locations in the city of Bengaluru, we visited their Koramangala branch to try the Biggest/ EMPEROR PARATHA! You might have had several parathas in the past, but if you are looking for a true blue North Indian experience of the typical parathas with makkhan and lassi, look no further than this place! When you walk in to any of their branches, it is usually bustling with an enthusiastic, hungry crowd who can’t wait to dig into the parathas.

We visited here for the video shoot and were prepared to finish the paratha. Alas, four of us could not complete ONE PARATHA! It is 2KGs and 24cm in diameter. So, can you finish it?! We tried the aloo, onion paratha at RS. 240 with a Emperor Lassi. The paratha took up the entire table, it was served with homemade white butter, spicy pickle and a chutney to go with it!

We saw how it was prepared from scratch at the kitchen. The masalas were made fresh when the order was placed, the rolling of the paratha without tearing the dough is definitely an art that only experienced chefs can master especially when it’s a huge paratha, you need experience and expertise both! The kitchen was filled with the aroma of Indian spices, desi ghee, makkhan, masalas and we couldn’t resist the final dish.

The Emperor Paratha, star of the day, arrived on the table. It was hot, fresh, crispy and so heavy that two people had to carry it! We took the first bite with the makkhan and it was oh, so good! The right blend of spice, taste, crisp, softness made it the perfect dish to binge on when you want to go all out and hog on some delicious North Indian Food! The service here is great, the staff is friendly and the food is something you can’t miss!

The Lassis were an added bonus with the meal which we could not finish after having gorged on the Paratha for so long! You can try non veg paratha varieties at their Whitefield branch. The cost changes depending on the choice of your filling, you can try the Gobi, paneer, onion and, cheese parathas among other varities.

We would recommend you to visit this place with friends or family, preferably on an empty stomach or after a light breakfast to truly experience the food of this place. You can try the smaller parathas as well if you are not willing to go for the huge ones. But, you can challenge your buddies to Bangalore’s Biggest paratha and think how much fun would that be?



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