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Vegan & Oil Free Dahi Vada – The story of Saee Bapat

Saee Bapat is a holistic nutrition coach and Yoga therapist who takes clean eating very seriously. Her journey with healthy cooking started when she realised that she needs to give only clean food to her family for the benefit of their health. ‘We, as a family, were suffering from minor health issues but they slowly started disappearing when we started avoiding junk food and eat clean’, says Saee, during the video shoot of our Youtube channel. She takes online Yoga sessions, gives classes on how to start with or gradually shift to the area of clean eating. It is definitely not an easy change, takes time but when done, it can affect your mind and body positively. Clean eating does not simply mean to replace the junk material with the healthy, it goes deeper than the plastic changes. It is also a training of the mind and body to feel better, positive and reduce the craving of unhealthy food.

Saee practices what she preaches which is why Yoga, meditation, healthy eating and spreading the word about these is a part of her daily routine. Since she has seen the impact it can have overall on an individual’s life, she remains motivated to bring more people under the umbrella of holistic living. Her children help in and love the healthy recipes she creates everyday, which pushes her further into the arena of sustainable living.

She decided on showcasing her recipe of Vegan Dahi Vada for the video shoot on our Youtube Channel. It is a healthy take on the classic Dahi Vada, an Indian delicacy which is usually made during festivals, and relished by many. How do we make it Oil Free and healthy? Let us learn!

Dahi Vada(Makes 30 small Vadas)


250 Gms Urad Dal

250 gms Moong Dal

2 tbs black pepper

Pinch of asafoetida

Salt to taste

2 Cups Vegan Curd (Peanut Curd/Soya Curd)


  1. Soak both the daals together for 3-4 hours
  2. Grind it to make a fine paste
  3. Put this in a big vessel, add salt and beat with hand or spatula for at least 10-15 minutes.
  4. Cook in an Appe or Paddu Vessel for 10-15 Minutes WITHOUT OIL. Keep the flame on sim mode. After cooking, soak in water for 10-15 minutes and then squeeze out the water. Soak in Vegan Curd and garnish as per your choice!

How to make Vegan Curd- http://cewithsaee.com/dairy-alternati…

We hope you liked this healthy recipe and try it at home!


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