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Undhiyu Poori – The story of Mrs. Dharmishtha Sudra

Dharmistha Aunty forms the centre of the household as she ensures that the life of her three children(twin sons and a daughter), mother in law and husband run smoothly. In this whirlwind, it often goes unacknowledged that she is a prolific cook who can cook up any Gujrati dish at the blink of an eye.

With over three decades of cooking experience, started in her adolescent years, this has become her second nature. Like any seasoned homecook, she happens to be particular about her cooking and the ingredients that go into it. Her major complaint throughout the cook was that in Bangalore, the vegetables are never fresh or tasty enough. Coupled with that, finding fresh methi leaves, the one that don’t turn food bitter, is a challenging task.

Hailing from Somnath in Gujrat, her hometown almost sneaks into every conversation she had with us. Her husband who is a staunch home cook eater and denies eating out is an aspect that helps her push her culinary boundaries. Capturing her and her cooking process was a joy. While tasting, the pooris kept coming, making it difficult for us to stop eating. It was a privilege to be able to glimpse her world and the mini Gujrat that she has built right at her home.

Here is how you can make Dharmishtha Aunty’s version of the classic Gujarati dish, Undhiyu (Mixed Vegetables) and Poori.



Gota (fried balls)

1. Chaana ka atta

2. Salt

3. Sesame seeds

4. Ginger and garlic paste

5. Methi leaves

6. Sugar

7. Baking soda

8. Oil


Mix everything , make small balls out of the dough and deep fry them in hot oil. Groundnut Oil has been used here, you can use white or Mustard Oil too.



1. Bringal -2

2. Potato -2

3. Sweet potato – 1

4. Surti papdi (Valod) – 100 grams

5. Yam – 50 grams

6. Oil for deep fry

7. Ginger,garlic and chilli paste.


Deep Fry brinjal, potato, yam and sweet potato and keep aside.

Boil the valod In the pressure cooker.

Add groundnut oil, ajwain and add the paste and add the fried veggies and boiled valod, and add salt and a pinch of turmeric powder.

Add the deep fried balls and pour 100 ml of water and let 2 whistles happen.

And the undhiyu is ready!



1. Wheat flour

2. Salt

3. Oil


Take wheat flour , salt,  2 tablespoon oil and mix well.

Add water to make a soft dough, let it rest for 10 mins.

Make small round puris and fry them in boiling hot oil.

Serve them hot and enjoy with your family!


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