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Hottest MOMOS in Bangalore

Image Credit: Curly Tales

Bangalore is known for it’s good weather, the cool climate and once you enter the city, it is difficult to leave it. But, we found out a way to kick up the heat in Namma Bengaluru with a fun food challenge that you can try. For the next hangout with your friends, challenge them to have the ‘BHOOT MOMOS’ at Bamey’s, Koramangala. These momos are made with Bhoot Jholakia, the hottest chillies in the world and one bite from this momo has made even the spicy food lovers pant and cry (not the happy tears, mind you!). The owner, Nikihil, also specifies how only 12 people have won this contest till date out of thousands who have taken it over the years! ONLY 12? Yes! But, it is surely worth a try as we had a lot of fun filming the video and our friends, Aditya and Ramya, who participated, had a lot of fun taking up this challenge.

Bameys Cafe koramangala

What is the challenge?

These are the important details you need to know before taking up the spiciest momos food challenge at Bamey’s:

  • Call them up before you visit the branch to inform about your participation in the challenge. This is because Bhoot Momos are not always available at the branch. They make it especially for the challenge.
  • A participation fee of RS. 250 is charged, per head, for the challenge.
  • Before you participate, they make you sign a form which states that they are not responsible if you face any health issues post the challenge as you are taking it up on your own free will.
  • You are required to finish 10 Bhoot Momos (veg or chicken) with the spicy gravy provided by them in 10 minutes. They will also provide you with curd, sugar and water on the table, in case you are unable to do the challenge anymore.
  • If you win, your picture goes up on the ‘Wall of fame’ at Bamey’s along with the people who have completed it already. Additionally, you get one plate free momos of your choice for 100 days , whenever you visit the branch in the future.

It is surely a daunting task to finish the spiciest momos in the world within 10 minutes but Aditya and Ramya, the people who participated in the video, tried their level best. Ramya managed to finish 3 pieces and Aditya ate 2. They mentioned that it was extremely hot, they  were panting for breath in between and could not stop the tears from their eyes due to the heat. We cheered them on and encouraged them to have as many as possible. They did not have any health issues post the challenge. For our video shoot, Ramya, having had more of the momos, won the challenge. They mentioned that it was one of the most fun food challenges that they have taken part in and would surely get more of their friends to get a taste of this.

If you want to take up this challenge, please know that this is not for the faint hearted. Think carefully before you take this up and even if you can handle your spice. Rest, enjoy the challenge with your friends and just have fun!

Visit Bameys- A/5, Ground Floor, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034



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