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The perfect French Macarons recipe!

Macaroons are a dessert that are trending, especially if they are lusciously pastel colored. It hits the right note on Instagram even without filters. Wrapped in a small box, neatly tied up in a bow, a few macaroons would qualify for a tasteful gift. While macaroons might be popular, visually pleasing and a complete culinary experience in a bite, it is not easy to make. The process of making macaroons would turn even the most seasoned dessert chef queasy.

Jalpa Barai, home baker and entrepreneur, has mastered this task of making macaroons and can bake perfect batches every time. She is a HR Journalist turned baker, who now runs her own cake studio, in the name of Cake-O Mania. She has been in the business for more than 6 years, successfully delivering orders for special occasions and teaching people the art of making perfect macarons. This is one skill, while we may not have or acquire, we definitely wanted to document. Jalpa explained to us that there are two pain points to making macaroons. The first is the egg whites. Anyone who has ever tried baking with egg whites will have a nightmarish story of whites not becoming stiff peaks. Perfectly whipped egg whites are hard and depend on a complex matrix of luck and skill. Jalpa had mastered the complex matrix because her egg whites are perfect, stiff peaks and stay that way!

The second pain point is the mixing of the egg whites with the almond flour. While it is difficult to get stiff peaks, it is even more difficult to maintain the egg whites while mixing it. It has to be mixed just the right amount so the egg white does not flatten.

Jalpa is an expert of what she does and it was evident because of the precise manner in which she carried the recipe out. It reflects upon her experience of having made this complex recipe numerous times that she can comfortably replicate it. The most exciting part was watching Jalpa work through the recipe and finally witnessing the perfectly shaped macaroons emerge out of the oven.

The sign of a perfectly baked macaroon is the outer shell should be brittle and the inside should be chewy. So you get both a brittle crunch and chewiness from the same bake. Jalpa’s macaroons had this perfection and along with the chocolate ganache it felt like heaven in my mouth!

Do want to bake these at home? Let us go to the recipe:


63 g Almond Meal

63 g Icing Sugar

45 g Egg Whites at room temperature

63 g Caster Sugar

AmeriColor Gel Colour – PINK (You can use a color of your choice here)


  1. Whip egg whites with a hand held mixer until the froth is formed. Once the foam is formed, add castor sugar 1/3 at a time.

2. After the  sugar has been fully incorporated, add few drops of gel color to your liking and whip until stiff peaks are formed.

3. Pour a third of the almond mixture into the egg whites.

4. Gently fold the egg whites into the almond flour mixture Stop folding once the dry ingredients have been fully incorporated and the batter has reached a “lava” like consistency.

5. Pipe the batter to the size of the circle on the template Pat the tray several times on the counter to get rid of excess bubbles.

6. Preheat oven to 120 degrees C and bake them without resting

7. Place the tray on the middle shelf and bake for 12-14 minutes.

8. Take them out and test the doneness. The feet should not push back and the shell should not be wobbly.

9. Let them cool off in the same baking tray.

10. Fill with your favorite filling and leave them in the fridge or in an airtight container and let them mature for 24 hours.

Enjoyed this recipe of No resting French Macarons? Leave your comments below and give them a try!


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