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Authentic Sindhi Dal Pakwaan- The story of Komal Jimnani

dal pakwaan

A passionate homecook who experiments with flavours, dishes and combinations in food almost everyday, Komal loves her kitchen and creating in it. A Sindhi, who wants to explore beyond Sindhi flavors in food, while keeping the basics intact, she is a true example of a mother who goes to lengths for giving the best to her child. Her 6 year old son, Riyanshu, is an adorable child, who helped his mother in the kitchen, throughout the shoot. He sat on the counter, cut out the Kokis from the dough, and in between demanded for snacks, while observing the process the entire time. It was truly a delight interacting with Komal as her eyes would shine everytime she spoke about food, the dishes she has innovated and indeed, she is a true-blue food lover just like us!

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When we connect to any homechef or baker for a video shoot, we ask them to demonstrate to us a recipe that is close to their heart and culture. For Komal, it was Dal Pakwaan that was made at her home often and enjoyed by her family. It is a traditional Sindhi recipe, a staple you can say, which can be had with Chapathis, Kokis and for special occasions, with the Pakwaan. The Dal was packed with flavors, the Pakwaan complemented it beautifully and it was a complete meal that we thoroughly enjoyed. Komal also narrated to us her experimental cooking ideas, her Facebook page called as Komal’s kitchen story and interesting tales of food.

Rasoisaga stories

If you are a Sindhi or you have Sindhi friends, you must be familiar with the popular dish Dal Pakwaan. It’s all about getting the consistency and flavor balance right and Komal teaches us just that in the recipe video. Let us learn how you can create this at home.

INGREDIENTS (Dal Pakwaan):

1/2 cup SOAKED chana dal( Soak overnight or for 4-5 hours at least)

1 small onion

1 small tomato

4 pods garlic

Few curry leaves

2 tsp oil

1/4tsp roasted jeera

1 larger cardamom

1 bay leaf

1 finely chopped Green chilly

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

2 cups water

1/4 tsp garam masala powder

Corianader leaves- a handful


  1. Grind the Onions, tomato, garlic and chillies to make a semi paste.
  2. Heat Oil in a cooker and put the cardomom, bay leaves, jeera and stir them.
  3. Pour a little more oil in the cooker and put the semi paste in it. Stir well and let this cook.
  4. Put the soaked chana daal in the cooker and stir it.
  5. Mix with some tomato paste, salt, turmeric powder and Jeera Powder.
  6. Pour water and let the daal cook for 20-25 minutes in the cooker.
  7. Once cooked, you can make a semi paste of the dal manually(as shown in the video)
  8. Garnish with coriander and serve hot!



1 cup refined flour

1/4 tsp salt

Little onion seeds

1/4 tsp sesame seeds

2 tsp ghee for moin

Water as required for kneading


Rest the dough for 20 minutes, roll it, cut out the desired shapes and fry in deep oil.

Serve with the Dal and enjoy a good Sindhi meal!

We hope you enjoyed this recipe and cook it at home for a good, homely and traditional meal!

Authentic sindhi food


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