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Quickest Raw Papaya Salad – The story of Kirti Yadav

In the past when someone said healthy and clean eating, we cringed because to us it indicated boring, bland food that takes forever to cook and does not taste good. But, sometimes healthy comes along with taste as well as ease and Kirti taught us just that. Her humble raw papaya and mango salad, thinly sliced and flavoured with all sweet, salt, sour and spice is minimalism in a bowl.

Kirti shared with us her goal of eating healthy and clean, which made her start her ever growing Facebook group, ‘Kukclean’ which consists of clean eating members. The best part about eating clean is the focus on freshness and locally sourced products. Raw papaya and raw mango are two products that are easily available to any market; it is not priced exorbitantly because of its easy and local availability and can be consumed in its raw form. This salad becomes a go to meal or an accompaniment to a meal. The amalgamation of sweet, sour, salt and spice is perhaps the holy grail of any meal and can taste like a bite of heaven if the proportions are to taste.

The salad is finished with some crunchy salted peanuts which completely elevates the dish while adding a crunchy element to it. This dish was a revelation to us because of how simply it can be prepared. However, if there is one pain point of this dish, it is the cutting of the raw papaya and the raw mango. They have to be thinly sliced before they are julienned and this may require a bit of time, patience as well as advanced planning. Once that is sorted out, this minimalist heaven in a bowl is all yours to consume. Let us learn how to make this at home:


1 cup raw Papaya grated

1/4 cup raw mango

1/4 cup of red bell pepper

1/2 cup crushed peanut

Dressing :

2 table spoon of olive oil

1 greenchilli chopped

1 teaspoon of jaggery

Salt as per taste

1 table spoon of lime.


  1. Take a bowl, mix the raw papaya and raw mango
  2. Add the bell peppers to this
  3. Mix the lime, jaggery, chillies, salt and oil separately and add to the bowl.
  4. Garnish with crushed peanuts.


Try out this quick Thai Salad at home. Eat fresh, clean and healthy!



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