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Pizza Hut Style Homemade Garlic Bread – The story of Deeksha Pathak

A self taught homechef, food blogger and mother, Deeksha believes in curation of the perfect recipes (both baking and cooking) for sharing with the world through her blog, ‘Dees Platter’. She works time and again on a particular recipe until she finds the perfect one, something which can be fueled only by passion and love for food.

‘There are so many wonderful people sharing their culinary knowledge through blogs and videos, but there is always something more to know or learn’, says Deeksha. Her daughter loves having her homemade bakes, she is the guinea pig when it comes to tasting or approving her kitchen experiments. Though there was a commercial demand for Deeksha to sell her products, she took a backseat in that area due to certain personal issues. However, her blog is loved by many who read and try out her recipes.

In particular, Deeksha loves making Indian sweets and kneading homemade breads. Due to the health issues of her husband, he was not allowed to consume breads or savouries from stores, leading to Deeksha taking up the challenge of making them at home. Over time, she became an expert in baking bread and now they do not purchase breads from stores at all!

Keeping this love for making homemade breads in mind, Deeksha showed us her step by step recipe of making Garlic Bread at home, from scratch. Let us learn how to make this.

Measurements for bread tin used:

11 inch – length

3 inch – diameter

Ingredients :

Garlic butter- You can use store-bought garlic butter or prepare garlic butter at home. Peel and mince 10-12 garlic pods. Heat 4-5 tbsp salted butter in a pan and add minced garlic. Saute this for 3-4 minutes and then sieve it. Home-made garlic butter is ready!

All purpose flour (maida ) 2 +1/2 cups

Milk powder 1/8 cup

Salt 1 tsp

Sugar 1+1/2 tbsp

Instant active yeast 3 /4 tsp

Mixed herbs/spices – as per requirement

Butter/Oil 1 tbsp

Water 1 cup minus 1 tbsp (should be slightly warmer than lukewarm but not hot)

Rest of the ingredients should be on room temperature.

1 cup taken here measures 250 ml


1.Take all dry ingredients except herb/mixed spices in a big vessel so that kneading is easy.

2. Collect all these ingredients in shape of a rough dough with the help of water. Don’t use entire quantity of water in this step.

3.Now keep adding water in small quantity along with oil/butter and knead the dough for 15 minutes or till it gets elasticity.

4.Transfer this smooth dough into a big size oil greased bowl. Apply some oil on top of the dough, cling wrap the bowl and keep it in a warm place for first proofing.

5.In between, make baking tin ready by greasing it with oil/butter. Remember to grease both the bottom and lid sides.

6. After first proofing, take out the dough on clean and oil greased kitchen counter and punch it lightly.

7. Collect the dough together, knead it very lightly to make it smooth and spread it as per the size of baking pan.

8. Apply garlic butter all over it very generously.

9.Now sprinkle spices/herbs of your choice.

10.From the top, start rolling it tightly and prepare a log.

11.Don’t let the edges be loose – seam them by pinching nicely.

12.Keep this seam side down and gently place this log in the baking tin.

13. Apply melted garlic butter on top of the log to avoid it drying and close the tin for second proofing.

14. Apply melted garlic butter on top of the log to avoid it drying and close the tin for second proofing.

15. Brush up the log with milk, close the lid and bake it at 180/185 degrees for 40-50 minutes or till the log gets beautiful brown colour. If top of the bread is not becoming brown by the end of the baking time, open the lid and bake it for 3-4 minutes extra. Take out the bread from the tin and keep it on a cooling rack. Apply butter on hot bread to keep it soft and let it cool down completely.

16. Once the bread cools down completely, you can slice it, but to get neat slices wrap it in cling wrap with 2-3 layers and keep it in the fridge for at least 3 to 4 hours. Always use bread cutting serrated knife and slice bread by holding it tightly. Slice and serve!

And, how beautiful are those bread swirls?!



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