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Paan Laddoo for the festive season

The festive season is coming and my favorite part about any festival are the delicious sweets! The festive lights, colors, food, sweets- it all comes together to put a smile on everyone’s face. With Durga puja, Navratri, Diwali approaching us, here is an easy Indian sweet recipe to try at home! Homechef Vineeta Thakur demonstrates this recipe from scratch, and calls it a three-in-one recipe: Mouth freshner, sweet and delicious Laddoos, all in one! This has a coconut taste, mild sweetness, with the perfect balance in the paan flavour, which makes it a hit among all! Here are the ingredients you need to make 12 Paan laddoos at home:

Khova- 100gms

Dessicated Coconut- 200gms

Cane sugar- 150 gms

Milk- 2tbsp

Green food color- 2 drops

Paan leaves- 10 pieces

Gulkand- 4 tbsp

Silver vark for dressing


  1. Heat the Khova on a low flame in a pan for 5-6 minutes till it slightly melts. Keep it aside for 10-12 minutes and let this cool down.
  2. Meanwhile, cut the paan leaves in small bits and add it to the mixer grinder till it becomes grainy.
  3. Add milk to the mixer and grind again to get a paste.
  4. Add this to the khova in a bowl and mix.
  5. Add the drops of food color and mix again.
  6. Now, add the coconut and sugar- mix well to get a consistent dough. Add a few bits of paan leaves here for enhancing the flavor.
  7. Your dough is ready to be made into laddoos.
  8. Oil hands with ghee, take equal amounts of dough in a spoon and start shaping into rounds.
  9. Create a hole in the middle and add 1/2 tsp of gulkand in it, while creating the round shape again.
  10. Repeat for the entire dough.
  11. Decorate with silver vark, coconut and gulkand!
  12. Freeze the laddoos for 10-15 minutes before serving.

Your Paan Laddoos are ready to be served to guests!

Hope you all liked the recipe and will try it at home for the festive season and relish with friends or family.

For a visual representation, follow the Youtube video. 


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