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Kitchen Automation at restaurants with Mukunda Foods

Kitchen automation is a new concept today in the F&B industry, with businesses wanting to scale up their operations across borders. When one expands the restaurant, it is difficult to maintain quality, consistency and taste of the dishes. This is where machines play an important role and help chefs in churning out the same dish time and again for their valued customers. We learnt about this concept during our recent shoot at Mukunda Foods in Bangalore. They are a kitchen robotics and automation company that provide solutions for QSR and cloud brands. The cofounder, Mr. Eshwar, along with his partner, had started a QSR(Quick service Restaurant), a few years back , but as time passed, their customers pointed out that the food was tasting different on different days. This made them think deeply on the concept of automation and gave birth to their brand, Mukunda Foods.

Currently, several well known brands across the globe work with them such as Ola Foods, Wow Momos, Biggies Burger, Auntie Fungs, Samosa party, Rebel foods, and many more. They have a variety of interesting and efficient machines that can do the job of churning out yummy food every time, with zero wastage, minimal effort and cost. Dosamatic was the first machine they had launched in 2013, which creates crispy dosas in minutes. When brands and restaurant owners started enquiring about the machine, they came up with more variety in the same space. They have a machine named as ‘WOKIE‘ that can create Indo Chinese food in a jiffy, along with North Indian Curries, such as Dal Makhani. The automated fryer at Mukunda foods (Eco Fryer) helps to save oil as well as electricity while deep frying momos, burger patties, chicken and other dishes.

The goal here is to achieve operational efficiency and avoid food inconsistency. This can help kitchens see more profits from the business and maintain the hygiene standards at the same time for their customers.

For more information, kindly watch the Youtube video we shot here.

We hope you guys find this as interesting as we did. It was indeed fascinating to witness how the food we eat at restaurants is made in the kitchens, on a large scale. Do comment your thoughts on this piece and let us know!


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