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How to make Pinata Smash Cake at home!

Pinata smash Cake or surprise cake is a trending concept at the moment, when is comes to gifting options for special occasions. It is especially a hit with kids who are fascinated with what’s inside the pinata! Now, it can be customised by the maker- based on the client requirement, or otherwise. It can be filled with chocolates, brownies, macarons, muffins, surprise gifts, or more. This recipe is being demonstrated by Sonal Nandini, a talented Bangalore homebaker- running her own brand, named Cake Time. She bakes customised cakes for celebrations, healthy bakes, pinatas, desserts and more! Let us see her pinata recipe-

Preparing Pinata –

1. Chop the compound chocolate into small pieces & melt it in microwave (or double boiler) for a few seconds. Be careful at this step as chocolate tends to burn quickly.
2. Stir nicely & heat it in microwave again for a few seconds. Repeat till it’s fully melted.
3. Add color of your choice (optional), if you are using white chocolate.
4. Now, pour the melted chocolate into the silicon mould and corner all over making sure the tips get nicely covered with chocolate. Freeze the mould for 10-12 minutes.

5. Add the melted chocolate again in the mould,  and use a brush here to spread to the corners.

6. You can also tilt down the mould, so that the excess chocolate falls out.
7. You may repeat it 3rd time (optional).
8. Now, carefully demould the pinata, as shown in the Youtube video.

You may trim the edges of extra chocolate using a sharp knife gently.

Watch the Youtube video for a special tip on how to set the Pinata on the cake board!

Assembling the Pinata –

In the mid of a cake board, as surprise item, you may keep some cupcakes /chocolates /macarons/cookies/cake/gift of your choice.

You may melt a little chocolate and place in a piping bag and sprinkle over the pinata and decorate with some sprinklers and gold dust. Decorate based on your liking and enjoy this smash cake!

Hope you guys enjoyed the recipe and will try it at home or for your business!


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