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Hidden gems in Bangalore Street food that you can order online!

Food in Namma Bengaluru is available in a huge variety, in terms of the cuisine, type, taste , spread over various locations – thus matching the cosmopolitan culture of the city. Even in terms of the street food, there is so much that you will find here- starting from some of Karnataka’s local delicacies to international cuisines such as Pizza, Momos, noodles, and much more. In the last few months, we have been exploring these food gems in Bangalore , which are truly worth trying out and the best part is that you can order them online, from the comfort of your home! Wondering how? It is through a platform called Hokart India, that gives you the opportunity to relish popular street food such as chole kulche, chole bhature, momos, chaats, without having to step out! They are available on Zomato or Swiggy, you can just search for ‘Hokart’ and the street vendors near you will be visible – you can order from the ones of your choice. Here are the ones we particularly loved from our exploration of street food:

Amma’s Italian Pizza– Located in the Koramangala street food lane, this cart is run by Mrs. Padma since a decade and it has gained popularity in the city due to the delicious Pizzas it serves at a cost friendly rate. In the evenings, it is hustling and bustling with people to get a slice of the fresh Pizzas, made hot and live at the counter. We loved the special ‘Karnataka Pizza’ or the overloaded Pizza served to us here- it had all the exotic veggies and tasted phenomenal! It’s worth a try for sure.

Taste of Darjeeling– Another gem in the Koramangala food lane, this counter serves one of the best momos I have ever had! They have steamed, fried, veg and non veg varieties and the most delicious filling. For all you momo lovers, this is definitely the place to order from and relish momos at home!

Bombay Sandwich– Operating successfully since a decade, this cart in Koramangala serves super delicious and authentic Bombay sandwiches. I am a fan of the veg grill and chocolate sandwich here, absolutely recommend you to try it!

Vinayaka Tiffen Centre– One of the best idlis in Bangalore according to me, this place in HSR Layout is a must check out for all South Indian food lovers. The super soft idlis are served from 6-8pm, prepared fresh with a lipsmacking peanut chutney, that one can’t miss out. This is my personal favorite from all the places we have tried so far in the street food lanes!

Lokesh Pav Bhaji– Indiranagar, apart from the fancy restaurants and pubs, also has street food destinations that one must check out. One of them being a cart that serves delicious Pav Bhaji in varieties such as cheese, masala, schezwan, butter, and more. We tried the Cheese Pav Bhaji here- it was prepared live, hot, fresh and boy was it lipsmacking! I was super hungry when the plate came to me and I relished it with extra butter and cheese!

Sri Sai Durga 99 Variety Dosa– There are many of the 99 variety Dosa carts that one can spot in Namma Bengaluru but this one particularly caught my attention with it’s super delicious Spring Dosa! I am not a Dosa fan myself, but when I tried this, I honestly wanted to try one more! You will get so many options to explore here such as Paneer, masala, noodle dosa, pasta dosa, maggi dosa, butter dosa and what not! Bookmark the place and order from here to satiate your Dosa cravings.

Nippu Twisty Corner– Moving towards the north of Bangalore to Sanjaynagar, here is a street food cart that makes Twistados- a Bangalore and kids favorite that you can’t resist! It’s fun to watch it being made and when you taste it, it’s super crunchy, zesty and delicious. Comes in various flavours like cheese, peri peri, masala and we absolutely enjoyed it!

Sanjay Nagar Chaat Street– A 30 year old cart serving huge variety of chaats, here is a one stop destination for all street food lovers to try out Masala Puri, Dahi Puri, Sev Puri, Tomato Slice and so much more! We particularly enjoyed the Dahi Puri- a burst of flavours in each bite that you cannot miss out.

Ravi Chaats– Malleshwaram, one of Bangalore’s oldest areas has so much to offer when it comes to popular street food of Karnataka. One of the places to try here would be Ravi Chaats and the famous ‘Congress Masala’ that it sells! It is super crunchy, tasteful and for all those who love a bit of spice in their food!

So, here are our top recommendations when it comes to street food in Bangalore, that we have personally tried and loved! The best part is you guys do not have to step out for having these, you can simply order them online through Hokart India and relish!

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