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Healthy Banoffee Pie – The story of Pallavi Karan

Homebaking on a professional level has become a rage in the present times, considering the flexibility and opportunities that it has to offer. Pallavi Karan is a Bangalore homebaker who wears both hats, she is a professional baker as well as a full time software engineer. Passion for baking, food photography and experimentation with flavors, is what motivated her to pursue the side profession of taking up baking orders.  ‘I bake on the weekends and deliver customized orders to my clients and sometimes, if I can return early from office, I bake then too!’, she said, when we visited her for shooting the recipe video for our Youtube channel.

She ventured soon into healthy baking, considering the wave of it and the rising awareness among consumers. She likes to bake the classic recipes with a healthy twist, in order to understand if it is possible to eat the same dish in a healthier and guilt free manner. She bakes out of her venture, ‘The Cake Connection’. If you see the pictures of her bakes, you will not be able to take your eyes off them. She has an eye for detail when it comes to food photography and we got a glimpse of the same when we met her. It took us around half an hour to click some beautiful images of the Banoffee Pie that Pallavi had freshly baked! Even then, the creator in her was not satisfied, so she clicked some images post the shoot as well and sent them to us. You can see them attached with this blog, how beautiful does that look?

Banoffee Pie is a classic bake, known to dessert lovers, but it is also very heavy and high on the calories, considering the richness of it. Keeping this as the philosophy and idea behind her bake, Pallavi showed us her version of Banoffee Pie which is healthier and guilt free! Let us learn how to bake it from scratch at home.


For the crust/ pie shell: Note: This dough makes 4 pie shells of 5 inch size

Oats flour – 1 cup

Almond flour

Coconut Oil- 1/8 Cup

Dates paste – 75 gm

Salt – 1/4 tsp

Cinnamon – 1tsp

Lemon zest – 1/2 tbsp

Cold water – 2 tbsp (if required)

Preps to be done before the bake:

Preheat your oven to 170 degree C.

Measure coconut oil and keep it fridge. We want coconut oil to be in solid form.


1. Mix all the dry ingredients. Add dates paste.

2. Now add coconut oil

3. Bring all the ingredients together.

Rub the coconut oil with fingers and make sure it mixes well. Use water if required.

4. Take some of the dough and spread it evenly on a pie tin.

5. Poke some holes using fork on the crust layer. This is to prevent the crust layer from bubbling.

6. Bake them in a pre-heated oven at 170 degree C for 18-20 minutes.

The crust should have a golden tinge.

7. Remove from oven and allow it to cool.

Once it has cooled, you can remove from pie mould and rest them on a rack.

For the caramel filling:

Dates paste – 80 gm

Peanut butter – 40 gm

Mix dates paste and peanut butter using a whisk to form a uniform paste.

For cream cheese frosting:

Cream cheese – 200 gm

Jaggery powder – 3 tbsp

Melt the jaggery. This will allow it to be mixed evenly to cream cheese.

Whip cream cheese using a blender till it is soft and fluffy. Ensure that the cream cheese it at room temperature.

Add melted jaggery to cream cheese and mix it so that it is incorporated completely.

Assembling the pie:

Take the cooled pie shell. Divide the caramel paste into 4 equal portions.

Take one portion of caramel paste and spread it evenly over the shell.

Next, fill one layer with sliced bananas. Use ripe banana for good flavor.

 Now, top up the pie with a generous amount of cream cheese. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top.

Your Banoffee pie is ready! You can have it chilled or hot out of the oven as well!


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