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Eggless Paan Pudding – The story of Sonal Nandini

Inspired by her mother to start baking and by her friend to take up baking as a profession, Sonal Nandini is a Bangalore based baker, mother and inquisitive learner. Having practiced the basics with her mother’s recipes like the sponge cakes, carrot cakes, eggless delights, she got more vested in the idea of taking this up on a professional level. Her friend, Deepti, helped to exercise this idea into play and make it a reality. ‘My first win was when I made a Barbie cake for my daughter’s birthday, suggested by my mother, that everyone loved!’. This gave her more confidence to practice and experiment in the field of baking.

She runs her venture, ‘Cake Time’ from home, takes up customized cake orders from clients and makes her level best to do justice to each one of them. Specialising in eggless and egg baking for bundt cakes, brownies, theme cakes, celebration bakes, she has truly pushed her boundaries with each order that keeps her learning curve growing. Her children love her bakes, whether it be donuts or brownies, and when they demand for more, she can’t resist putting on her baking apron! Sonal hails from Haryana and she has been baking from the time she was doing her MBA. She went deep into it only after marriage and has spent years learning, growing as well as perfecting.

Having approached her for a video shoot on our Youtube channel, it was difficult for her to figure out what to bake as many recipes had been covered already at that time. She was keen on demonstrating something unique for bringing a different flavor to our baking video collection. And rightly so, she chose a Paan Pudding that she served in shot glasses, that looked inviting and tasted great too! A very Indian take on an eggless bake, the sponge of the Paan Cake was perfect, the toppings were delicious and so was the entire experience of having the dessert. This was the first time we tasted a Paan dessert and let us tell you the best part, we got the rest packed for home!

Now, let us learn how you all can make this at home:

Paan Pudding (Glass Dessert)

*Dessert Type* :  Healthy

Serving Portions* : 24 dessert cups

*Ingredients for sponge*.

Whole Wheat Flour : 1 + 1/2 cups

Brown Sugar (powdered)- 3/4th of 1 Cup

Baking Soda : 1/4th tsp

Baking Powder : 1+1/2 tsp

1 paan from paan shop

Milk : 1cup

Unsalted Butter : 1/4th cup

Curd : 1/2 cup or 2 eggs

Fab Paan Essence : a few drops

Edible Green Color (optional) : a few drops

*Procedure* :

1) Preheat oven @ 180 degree for 10mins.

2) Grease 7″ round pan, place a parchment paper at its bottom.

3) Sieve dry ingredients 4~5 times from height.

4) Blend the paan in a mixer well.

5) In a pan boil milk & butter together and keep aside.

6) Beat curd/eggs till light, add powdered brown sugar, beat till creamy.

7) Add little hot milk at a time alt with dry ingredients. Repeat the process till both are finished.

8). Now add in the Fab paan essence and blended paan into the mixture. Don’t over mix the batter

9) Pore the batter to the greased cake pan.

10) Tap twice and bake for 35~40 mins @ 180 degrees. Toothpick inserted comes out neat means the sponge is ready..

 *Preparing Icing* :

Take chilled whipping cream (Tropolite), add a few drops of Fab Paan Essence. Initially beat it at slow spread, gradually increasing the speed till soft peaks are formed.

*Ingredients for assembling the dessert

Tuti frooti


Mouth fresheners

Dried Cherries

Paan Dessert glasses

*Assembling the Paan Glass Pudding* :

1)Once the paan sponge comes to room temperature (if possible chill it for 2 hours for better taste) in a bowl crumble it into small pieces.

2) In dessert cups put the crumbled sponge.

3) Add 1 spoon Gulkand to half cup water. Mix it well. With pastry brush, soak the sponge with Gulkand water.

4) Add a layer of whipped cream.

5) Sprinkle little Gulkand, Tuti frooti, mouth fresheners to it.

6) Now again add crumbled sponge layer, soak with Gulkand Water and final layer of whipping cream.

7) At the top place a paan and your *Paan Glass Dessert* is ready.

8) For best taste eat chilled after your meal.

This brings a truly Desi flavor to your bakes and your aftermeal dessert, why don’t you try making this at home?


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