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Eggless Millet Cookies – The story of Mahalakshmi Pertala

Eggless and healthy cookies

A homecook who goes to a particular flour mill for getting the best healthy flour to be used at her home, Mahalakshmi is a passionate chef who truly blends health with taste. If you walk into her kitchen, it is a pleasing sight to look at with the spices, flours, dry fruits, raw materials neatly arranged and labeled. She is organized and plans her meals way in advance for getting the best outcome. Her goal has always been to serve healthy meals to her family which is why her sons do not prefer eating outside. They demand for healthy cookies, bakes, meals from her and she can’t help but fulfill these demands, while refining her cooking talent. She had carefully measured and arranged all the ingredients needed for the video shoot before we arrived and also kept some healthy treats ready for us! She had prepared Kulfi cups with millet cakes and ice cream for us which she served post the shoot and they were so delicious!

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She is extremely watchful when it comes to the kind of flour one is using in meals, the health factor and packing the best in them when it comes to taste. She organizes baking workshops in Bangalore at her home as well for imparting the knowledge of healthy baking to more people. Her policy is to not use refined flours or sugars or preservatives in cooking or baking, in order to serve the best to her children and also inculcate the habits in them from a younger age. She also started baking commercially under the name of Magic with Millets.

She demonstrates to us, her recipe of millet cookies, made without maida, eggs, refined sugar. When they came out hot from the oven, it smelled divine and tasted even better! Yes, healthy baking does not mean there is a compromise in taste, in fact, it means, an addition of nutrition, health, while there is no cutting down on the taste. If you wish to know how to make these healthy cookies, read on for the detailed recipe:


Easy cookies recipe

Wheat flour – 3/4th cup

Jowar flour – 3/4th cup

Brown sugar/Jaggery powder/Coconut Sugar/Cane Sugar- 1 cup

Salt – 1 tsp

Oil- 1/2 cup

Milk- 1/4th cup

Vanilla extract – 1 tsp

Baking soda- 1/2 tsp

Chocolate chunks( sugar free 0r dark chocolate) – 1/2 cup


  1. In a mixing bowl, add the sugar, salt, oil and mix well
  2. Now add milk and vanilla essence to make a paste like consistency
  3. Add the  wheat flour, jowar flour to the wet ingredients and mix well
  4. Finally, add the chocolate chunks to the cookie dough and refrigerate for 1/2 hour to one hour
  5. Edible cookie dough
  6. Preheat oven at 180 degree Celsius
  7. Now scoop the chilled cookie dough on a lined baking tray(or well oiled) with a sizeable distance and bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.
  8. Let them cool down and consume with tea or coffee!

Why don’t you bake these healthy cookies at home today? We are sure you and your loved ones will enjoy this!

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