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Eggless Gulab Jamun Mini Cheesecakes

Mini Cheesecakes are my new favorite obsession as they are quick to bake, look cute and taste amazing! I have made a variety of cheesecakes before in my baking journey but this time, I made a fusion version of the same! On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, I was contemplating on what to create when this popped in my mind and I attempted it! It turned out super delicious and became a hit among my family and friends. I had apprehensions regarding how the gulab jamun will react when baked or if it will taste good together with cheesecake, but when I had the final product, all these questions were answered and I loved the taste! These are eggless, bite sized, and a little bit Desi, what more do you need?! Let’s look into the ingredients you need for this bake, to make 12-14 pieces of mini cheesecakes:

120gms digestive biscuits

60ml melted butter

240gms softened cream cheese

60gms icing sugar

100ml fresh cream

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

20-30 gms cornflour

8-10 gulab jamuns (I used store bought ones)


  1. Use a mixer to grind the digestive biscuits into a powdered form. Add the melted butter in this to create a crumble mix. This makes the base of the mini cheesecakes. Keep this aside.
  2. Use a blender to blend the softened cream cheese, cornflour, cream, icing sugar and vanilla essence in a bowl.You can do this manually with a whisk as well.
  3. In a muffin tray, line each cavity with cupcake liners and press the biscuit-butter mix in it. Press it with the back of a spoon or a bowl to make an even base.
  4. Drop the cream cheese mix in each cavity, and fill only 2/3rd of it.
  5. Now, place half of a gulab jamun on each mix of the liner.
  6. Tap it once on the counter.

7. Bake in a 180 degrees pre heated microwave oven for 15-18 minutes till it is perfectly baked.

8. Freeze for an hour before consumption.

I hope you guys will try this interesting and exciting recipe of mini cheesecakes! It comes out super delicious and creamy, I personally love these bite sized goodies. You can make them without the Gulab Jamun as well, based on your preference.


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