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Edible decoration of your Sponge Cake – The story of Monica Goel Singh

Bengaluru had been the centre of all our stories from the kitchen, be it cooks, bakers or restaurant owners. But, when we visited the city of Mumbai for a trip, we were surprised to see the abundance of excellent homebakers who have converted their passion into a profession. One such baker is Monica with whom we shot the very first Youtube video in Mumbai. When we scanned through her page, ‘Yummylicious by Monica’, it was difficult to choose a favourite as each work by her was clean, beautiful and a visual treat. And, lucky are those who got to eat a piece of those cakes too! She has been in the business for a few years now, creating a strong clientele who order bakes only from her during special occasions or otherwise.

‘I started looking for occasions to bake cakes, posted them on social media and when I got a good response from people, I decided I can take this up professionally’, says Monica when she talks about her initial days of baking. After getting the much needed support from her husband and son, she set up her own brand name and started taking bake orders. Monica’s specialty is eggless baking and cake decoration with edible flowers. She also tells us experiences of how she has customized her orders based on the client instructions and the feedback has been heartwarming.

When we entered her place for the shoot, all the ingredients required for the planned dish had been meticulously arranged. And, much to our surprise, she had customized a cake topper in the name of ‘Rasoisaga’ to adorn the beautiful cake that she finally created. You can see the images of the same attached with the blog. This was indeed a pleasant surprise as her thoughtfulness here was truly touching. We shot the video over a few hours, while we had lunch, Monica completed another cake order and her son, Arjun, was enjoying his favourite TV shows!

She shows us the step by step process of decorating a naked sponge cake with buttercream, edible flowers, cake boards in order to make it look visually attractive and taste great at the same time. These were the ingredients used for the same:

In this video, the sponge cake is premade using a basic recipe.

For the Frosting and Edible Flowers, we have used Buttercream made with 100gms butter and 200 gms Icing Sugar and,

Strawberry Flavour with Essence or Strawberry Crush

The sponge cakes were ready to be decorated once we started the video shoot and then they went through layers of buttercream and decorating to finally reach the finished cake. We were fascinated by Monica’s piping skills which led to the creation of beautiful edible flowers. These flowers were kept in the refrigerator to chill for an hour before being used. There are techniques to sharpen the cake edges, make the layering clean, make fondants, use toppers, decorate it and the amount of work that goes into making a single celebration cake is truly exhausting but at the same time, satisfying. If you watch our Youtube video on this, you will get a more comprehensive idea on the same.

Also, tell us how good the cake looks?

We loved how soft, creamy and delicious the cake tasted at the end. But, let us tell you the best part- the rest of the cake was packed for us to take back! We didn’t mind these calories and they came with loads of happiness!



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