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Eating in Koramangala WITHIN/UNDER RS. 200!

Koramangala is the busiest, one of the most well known areas in Bangalore which is filled with colleges, offices, restaurants, cafes and what not! At any time of the day, it is bustling with an energetic crowd who are waiting or rushing to go somewhere. This is why you will always find traffic on the roads here. If you want to reach somewhere in this area, make sure you have time in your hands before leaving. Since this place is overcrowded with eateries, we thought of listing 5 places that we love eating at within a budget. Here, we are exploring places where we can have a filling meal at within/under RS. 200. Let us get straight to the list:

  1. Khawa Karpo– Located in a tiny corner of Koramangala 5th Block, Khawa Karpo is a delight for Tibetan Food Lovers. It is really congested in terms of the space and at a time, only 7-8 people can be seated. Nevertheless, you will always see a young crowd waiting outside to eat here. It is because of the taste and the cost friendly food. We tried the Chicken Momo Thupka here (RS. 130) along with a soft drink and the total came at RS. 160. The Thupka comes in a soup form with noodles, chicken momos and veggies. The quantity is enough for a filling meal of one person on a budget! The soup in the Thupka was quite spicy, just the way we like it! You can also try the dry chili chicken, noodles, momos here.

  1. Sonar Bangla Restaurant– Located in JNC Lane, this restaurant serves a variety of Thalis at a cost friendly rate. Veg and Non Veg Thalis for a filling lunch or dinner (one person) is available here. We had not visited this place before, so we were a little skeptical to try the food. But, it turned out pretty good. We would not rate this joint high on the list as there are better budget Thalis that we have tasted. We tried the Fish Thali here (RS. 140) that contained a homemade Fish Curry, Two Sabzis, Dal, rice, roti, kheer(sweet dish) and a Papad. Overall, the meal tasted good and the quantity was the major attraction as compared to the price.

  1. FabIndia Café– Located inside a FabIndia Store in Koramangala, this café is perfect for treating your friends on your birthday (on a budget!). You can sit for hours on the pavement seats and munch on some good food. We visit this place often due to what it offers in terms if the ambience, cost, service and of course, the food! We tried the Chicken Sausage Sandwich (RS. 60), Buttermilk Pancake (RS. 65) and a Watermelon Juice (RS. 35). All of this combined came up to less than RS. 200 for a good meal ! You can try the Parathas and variety of sandwiches here. We loved the Pancakes!


  1. Sree Krishna Café– Our favorite on this budget list, Sree Krishna Café is a must visit for a delicious Banana Leaf Meal. Be ready to wait for 10-15 minutes here before getting a seat as it is generally bustling with people. The unlimited or limited vegetarian meals served here are a steal deal and we don’t mind visiting this place again and again! We tried the unlimited meal for RS. 200 which is honestly a little too much to finish for one person so you can go for the smaller meals as well. In the meal we tried, they served us a Sambhar, Kadhi, Palya, Rasam, Avial, Raw Banana Sabji, Rice with Ghee, Rotis, Curd, Papad, Halwa. We were so full after this meal and recommend the same to you!


  1. Kota Kachori– A delight for North Indian Food lovers, Kota Kachori is the best in the business when it comes to hot kachoris, veg meals and delectable sweets. It has a prominent location, bang on Sony Signal so you are likely to spot it with hit Kachoris and Ghevar being made outside. There is a seating area upstairs where you can comfortably enjoy some good vegetarian food and that is exactly what we did! We tried the Special Thali here (RS. 160) that comes with 4 Pooris, two Sabjis, Rice, Papad, Salad and Gulab Jamun. There are other Thalis too that you can try out and when you are leaving, don’t forget to pack some Ghevar and Rabdi, they are heavenly!

So, here are our personal recommendations on 5 top places in Koramangala that you can visit for a full meal within a budget of RS. 200! Go, try it out!



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