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Eating Bangalore’s BIGGEST FAMILY DOSA!

Are you a lover of crispy hot dosas? What if you can have a larger than life dosa right here in Bengaluru? We did at RK Dosa Camp, located in Wilson Garden that serves a FAMILY DOSA which is 4 ft. in length. You need at least 4-5 people to finish off one dosa! South India is known for it’s dosas, idlis, sambhar, upma and other iconic food items. Namma Bengaluru is a hub of Darshinis that serve these dishes with the best of taste and cost.

In order to make this experience more unique, RK Dosa Camp had come up with this concept of introducing a huge dosa that one can have with friends or family and enjoy to the fullest! You can also try to challenge your friends for finishing this dosa in a given amount of time and see if they can do it!

We watched this dosa being made. It looked like 5-6 dosas were coming together on one pan for forming the giant one to be served. It was hot, sizzling on the pan, crispy thin and generously glazed with ghee. You can choose to have this plain or with masala. It will be served using 5-6 steel plates beneath which are topped with fresh banana leaves. Then, it is laid on the table for the customer to enjoy.

This place does not have any seating arrangement, bang on the main road, it is small, crowded on most days. The true experience of street food can be had here with hot dosas, set dosas, idlis and more! The entire family dosa will cost you RS. 200. It is super crispy just the way we like it, the masala is delicious and the chutneys are surely an added bonus!

Head over here to enjoy – RK Dosa Camp- # 320, 9th Cross, BTS Main Rd, Vinayaka Nagar, NGO Colony, Wilson Garden, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027 https://maps.app.goo.gl/3c6PX


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