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Cafe Azuki and its authentic Japanese food

Cafe Azuki Bangalore

The prospect of visiting Cafe Azuki sounded exciting. While trying Japanese food had been on our bucket list, it never saw the light of the day. Finally we were in Azuki and were told to try out their sushi. As a sushi amateur, I did not know what to expect. We were given a background to the special sushi we were going to try. It is a sushi inspired by Bangalore and aptly named Bangarolls. So unlike the traditional sushi it was going to be vegetarian. The sushi had yellow and red bell pepper sliced and marinated on top to represent the flag of Karnataka and finished with greens beans which is native to the State. The sushi is an ode to Karnataka. It looked colourful with the red, yellow and green popping out. We were ready to dig in!

The sushi along with the soy, dashi and wasabi is a burst of flavour in your mouth. Here is the thing about sushi either you will love it or hate it. There is no middle ground with sushi. The umami notes of the wasabi are hard to like and even harder to appreciate. So with sushi it’s either an instant love or careful distance. For us it was a case of instant love.

Authentic Japanese Food

They also served us with an exciting and interesting dish called Omurice which is an omelette with a Japanese rice filling and we highly recommend this dish to whoever visits this cafe.


The owners of Azuki were kind enough to let us sample some varieties of matcha. Matcha tea is known for its healing, refreshing and restorative powers. They get theirs from Japan and is up for sale in their store. Finally comes the icing on the cake dish. If as a child, at some point you have watched the popular show Doraemon then you will know why we are so excited. The dora cake that Doraemon would keep munching on is on the menu of Azuki. Japanese have a soul connection with sweets made from red bean paste which forms an integral part of their desserts. The dora cake is a combination of delicately made panckaes which are then sandwiched with some delectable red bean paste. There is no better way to end a fulfilling meal than these dora cakes. It is not too expensive but we would not tag it as pocket friendly too. If you take 2-3 main courses, keep a budget of RS. 1,000 prepared.


Azuki is a must visit if you are looking to explore Japanese food in the city. The owners of Azuki have lived in Japan for an extended time and host Japanese businessmen in the city. Hence, this food is as authentic as it gets!

Visit Japan Travel Cafe Azuki 60/1 Miyajima House, 3rdFloor, 2ndCross, Residency Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025 https://maps.app.goo.gl/1v2wy7jHnybHo…



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