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Chicken Thukpa for the perfect warm winter bowl of food!

Chicken Thukpa

Comfort food for us is a warm bowl of soup, loaded with chicken, veggies and the perfect balance of taste. What’s better? If it has noodles added to it! We try various types of recipes with whole wheat noodles at home, be it spicy, soupy, with gravy or otherwise. If you love noodles, you will understand that there is a certain charm to having the thin, silky variety, flavored just the right way! Drooling? Let’s skip to today’s recipe then that will surely make you drool more! Thukpa is a Tibetan noodle soup which originated in the eastern part of Tibet. It is a favorite among Tibetan people and the Himalayan people of Nepal. It is, of course, consumed in other parts of the world, as a warm, comforting, one bowl meal that is filling, rich in protein and super delicious!

We tried creating Thukpa at home and must we say, the results were great! There are essentially three parts to creating the dish: chicken broth, the gravy and the noodles. Let us start with how you can create this bowl of comfort , from scratch, at home:

Chicken Broth– This takes 1-1.5 hours to be made, hence it is advised to plan the dish earlier.

For the broth, you need:

500 gms chicken with bone(preferred for more flavour)

5-6 garlic pods

1 Onion sliced

Whole Pepper 5-6

1 tbsp Salt

5-6 Cups of Water


In a bowl, place all the ingredients and boil with water for 1 hour or more till the water gets flavoured well.

Chicken Stock

Strain the stock and keep the chicken separately. We will use this stock later in the gravy.


The base of the gravy is made with a paste for which you need to grind a tomato, an onion, 6 garlic pods, ½ ginger, 2 green chillies, a handful coriander in a mixer.

Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan, fry the paste in it for a few minutes. Add veggies of your choice now and stir for sometime. We added carrots, red cabbage, zuchinni, corn and bokcoy (garnish).

Now, add the chicken stock in the pan and let this boil for a good 7-8 minutes.

Add salt, pepper and check for the taste.


In a big bowl, add boiled noodles as the base, pour the prepared gravy on it, add the chicken pieces on top, add 1 tbsp soya sauce as garnish along with coriander leaves. Add boiled egg if you like and serve!

Enjoy this warm, comforting meal, which is ideal for winters.

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