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The festive season is coming and my favorite part about any festival are the delicious sweets! The festive lights, colors, food, sweets- it all comes together to put a smile on everyone's face. With Durga puja, Navratri, Diwali approaching us, here is an easy Indian sweet recipe to try at home! Homechef Vineeta Thakur demonstrates this recipe from scratch, and calls it a three-in-one recipe: Mouth freshner, sweet and delicious Laddoos, all in one! This has a coconut taste, mild sweetness, with the perfect balance in the paan flavour, which makes it a hit among all! Here are the ingredients you need to make 12 Paan laddoos at home: Khova- 100gms Dessicated Coconut- 200gms Cane sugar- 150 gms Milk- 2tbsp Green food color- 2 drops Paan leaves- 10 pieces Gulkand- 4 tbsp Silver vark for dressing Method: Heat the Khova on a low flame in a pan for 5-6

Choley Puri is a popular Indian homemade delicacy that many love to relish on cheat days or weekends! It is packed with Desi flavors, made with love and is very filling- calls for a complete lunch or dinner! In our recent video shoot, a talented homechef in Bengaluru- Simran Kukreja - shows us this recipe from scratch and we didn't mind the extra helpings of Poori, because it tasted delicious! Simran belongs to Namma Bengaluru, she is in the teaching profession since 15+ years and holds an immense passion for cooking, as well as baking. The secret ingredient in all her creations is that extra drizzle of love- which makes you wanting for more servings! Let us see how to make her version of the quintessential choley puri: Ingredients for Chola - Servings - 6: 3 cups of soaked overnight chickpeas 4 onions chopped

Who doesn't love a good homely lunch? And, when it is healthy, protein rich, nutritious- it is even better, right? So, here we are with a new recipe-  this time a popular South Indian lunch. Uddina Idli is made by soaking the dal overnight so that the Idlis turn out soft and the banana leaves are used while steaming them so that the texture remains intact and it becomes more healthy. This recipe was demonstrated to us by a talented Bangalore homechef- Sowjanya. She is a lover of cooking, baking and the like- always coming up with unique recipes and ideas for the well being of her family. Let us see the ingredients we need for her recipe of these delicious Idlis(makes around 16): 1 cup Urad Dal 1 cup raw rice rava 1 coconut- grated Onion- 1 Dil Leaves- a bunch Ginger - 1/2 grated Green

Food in Namma Bengaluru is available in a huge variety, in terms of the cuisine, type, taste , spread over various locations - thus matching the cosmopolitan culture of the city. Even in terms of the street food, there is so much that you will find here- starting from some of Karnataka's local delicacies to international cuisines such as Pizza, Momos, noodles, and much more. In the last few months, we have been exploring these food gems in Bangalore , which are truly worth trying out and the best part is that you can order them online, from the comfort of your home! Wondering how? It is through a platform called Hokart India, that gives you the opportunity to relish popular street food such as chole kulche, chole bhature, momos, chaats, without having to step out! They are available on