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  Hi there! Hope you are doing well, on the other side! It's been a while that I posted a blog here, but I have been active on my other social media platforms, such as Youtube and Instagram. Over the past few months, I have collaborated with a ton of restaurants in Bangalore for promotional purposes, and thought of sharing with my readers, my top picks among them! Here are a few I loved: Otto's - This is a newly opened bar in Marathalli that I was invited to, for a tasting. I went here with my mother on a weekday afternoon, even though we knew that it would be a long drive. But, since it had an interesting menu as well as ambiance, we went ahead and thought of giving the place a try. At the outset, it is spread

Kitchen automation is a new concept today in the F&B industry, with businesses wanting to scale up their operations across borders. When one expands the restaurant, it is difficult to maintain quality, consistency and taste of the dishes. This is where machines play an important role and help chefs in churning out the same dish time and again for their valued customers. We learnt about this concept during our recent shoot at Mukunda Foods in Bangalore. They are a kitchen robotics and automation company that provide solutions for QSR and cloud brands. The cofounder, Mr. Eshwar, along with his partner, had started a QSR(Quick service Restaurant), a few years back , but as time passed, their customers pointed out that the food was tasting different on different days. This made them think deeply on the concept of automation and gave

The prospect of visiting Cafe Azuki sounded exciting. While trying Japanese food had been on our bucket list, it never saw the light of the day. Finally we were in Azuki and were told to try out their sushi. As a sushi amateur, I did not know what to expect. We were given a background to the special sushi we were going to try. It is a sushi inspired by Bangalore and aptly named Bangarolls. So unlike the traditional sushi it was going to be vegetarian. The sushi had yellow and red bell pepper sliced and marinated on top to represent the flag of Karnataka and finished with greens beans which is native to the State. The sushi is an ode to Karnataka. It looked colourful with the red, yellow and green popping out. We were ready to dig in! The

Snow lion Tibet kitchen is a quaint shack located in the lanes of New BEL Road, beside MS Ramaiah College, Bengaluru, which has been serving some lip smacking Tibetan food to Bangloreans. Personally, we think Indo-Chinese and Tibetan food is the epitome of comfort food. Steamed, piping hot momos with the fiery red sauce is the stuff dreams are made of. Fried momos also make the mark if they are deep fried to perfection. That is exactly what we experienced in Snow Lion. And, what's the best part? All of this at a super pocket friendly rate! And, this is what makes the place even more attractive for students. You will get a bowl of hot soup here for RS. 60, momos at RS. 80 and the main course within RS. 100! Unbelievable? You have to visit here and eat

Image Credit: Curly Tales Bangalore is known for it’s good weather, the cool climate and once you enter the city, it is difficult to leave it. But, we found out a way to kick up the heat in Namma Bengaluru with a fun food challenge that you can try. For the next hangout with your friends, challenge them to have the ‘BHOOT MOMOS’ at Bamey’s, Koramangala. These momos are made with Bhoot Jholakia, the hottest chillies in the world and one bite from this momo has made even the spicy food lovers pant and cry (not the happy tears, mind you!). The owner, Nikihil, also specifies how only 12 people have won this contest till date out of thousands who have taken it over the years! ONLY 12? Yes! But, it is surely worth a try as we had a lot

The word Biryani is a treat in itself with its variety in flavor, taste, uniqueness and the fact that there are so many varieties in India to explore! We have always loved Calcutta Biryani, having stayed there for a decade. And likely, we would always resist having Biryani other than the ones we have tried as that’s a risky place to put your foot on. But, being food bloggers, we also wanted to explore the idea of having Biryani belonging to other states and understand the differences that they hold. In South India itself, there are many varieties of Biryani, it’s different in Andhra Pradesh, then in Tamil Nadu, then in Karnataka, Kerala or other districts. The color, texture, ingredients changes with a change of place, giving a plate of Biryani a completely different identity when your location changes. That’s

A plate full of colors, textures, smell, offering to give you a lot in terms of Rajasthani food, Kesariya restaurant in JP Nagar is a must visit. Consisting of more than 30 items in a single royal silver thali, this restaurant offers more than just food. The soothing and traditional Rajasthani music, the windy seating area, the welcoming service and the beautiful ambience will make you want to stay here for hours. We visited this place for a video shoot, having heard good reviews from many. We are not big time thali lovers but were willing to give this one a try, in anticipation. Glad we finally did as it had a lot to offer (quite literally!). The adult thali here costs RS. 595 on weekdays and RS. 645 on the weekends. Honestly, it was difficult for one person to

Malleshwaram continues to be the most picturesque part of Bangalore with its broad and canopied roads. The place is dipped in history and the nostalgia that accompanies it. Every lane of that area houses an old, iconic eatery which has a connection with the history of Bangalore. Iyer Mess is one such iconic place. It is a little difficult to locate if you are a millennial like us and completely dependent on GPS. However, if you choose to be completely old school and ask people around, they will point you to the lane in a jiffy. The maps may not know the location but the locals do. Run by Venkatesh Iyer and Kamala Iyer of the current generation, Iyer Mess is an iconic Bengaluru eatery that you cannot miss if you live here or drop by for a visit. Authentic South

If you are like us who can’t be content with having one or two dishes at a time, then thalis are the way to go! Nothing beats a good thali with a diverse range of items that savour the taste buds and is more than a meal for one person. South Ruchi’s Square, located on Race Course Road, is an organic, pure vegetarian and also has jain options available. This thali does not burn a hole in your pocket with an added bonus of having it at a fine dine restaurant in Bengaluru! It is currently run by the second generation of a family who have 60+ years of experience in the hotel industry. We were called by one of the managers here to make a Youtube video on their food. We were excited to try the good food! We started with

We love a full Pizza but when we tried finishing the 15 Inch Pizza at 1131 Bar+ Kitchen, located in Indiranagar 100 ft Road, we could not! Serving Bangalore’s Biggest Pizza and a bar, this has attracted many with it’s open air ambience, service and delectable menu. It was on our go to list as soon as it opened and the Big Pizza was the star attraction! A spacious place, spread across two floors, this located bang on Indiranagar 100 FT. Road and the prominent location barely escapes notice. Starting from attractive appetizers to a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and multi-cuisine food, it is sure to catch attention of foodies who can’t stop at one cuisine or dish! The diverse menu included the Party Pizza, available in both Veg and Non veg varieties, 15 inch in size, prices varying