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Budget Food Recommendations

Koramangala is the busiest, one of the most well known areas in Bangalore which is filled with colleges, offices, restaurants, cafes and what not! At any time of the day, it is bustling with an energetic crowd who are waiting or rushing to go somewhere. This is why you will always find traffic on the roads here. If you want to reach somewhere in this area, make sure you have time in your hands before leaving. Since this place is overcrowded with eateries, we thought of listing 5 places that we love eating at within a budget. Here, we are exploring places where we can have a filling meal at within/under RS. 200. Let us get straight to the list: Khawa Karpo- Located in a tiny corner of Koramangala 5th Block, Khawa Karpo is a delight for Tibetan Food Lovers.

Are you a Desi Chinese lover like us? Hot Soup on a rainy day, spicy noodles for lunch, Momos are your go to food? Then, read on to know the top 5 places in the city of Bengaluru for a lip smacking Chinese lunch or dinner at a budget price! We visited these places for our Youtube video shoot, but there was more of eating than the actual work because good food does that, doesn’t it?! Let us dive into the list: Wok Paper Scissors- A tiny outlet in the bustling lanes of Koramangala, this place serves affordable Pan Asian Cuisine. We used to visit here during our college days and make customized noodles or fried rice for a takeaway. There is a seating area upstairs as well where roughly 10-15 people can dine at a time. We tried the

If you have a budget constraint at the end of the month, eating out at fancy places is definitely a no-no! But, there are places in Bengaluru where you can sit down for a good or fulfilling meal within/under just RS. 100! Yes, we are not joking when we say this because we have tried the food in all of the listed places and can vouch for how cost friendly it is, along with the fact that it serves delicious food! Let us get straight to these 5 places in Namma Bengaluru: Rooftop Café – A café by the well known local cake brand, Cakewala, Rooftop Café is a cosy place to hangout with friends or family at any time of the day. It is located above the Cakewala store, opposite COOL JOINT, in Jayanagar 4th  Block. A prominent location,