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Savoury baking with healthy elements has always been a challenge for me as it becomes difficult to find the right balance. But, Sandhya and Samantha from The Sweet Affair Shop, make it look easy and effortless! They show us this snack recipe which is baked, healthy, eggless, super easy to make and comes out delicious! A great pairing with your evening tea or coffee, here is how you bake these beauties: Ingredients: Wheat Flour 96 gms Salt 3/4 tsp or to taste Cheese grated 10 gms Pizza seasoning 3/4 tsp Chili flakes (to taste) 1.5 tsp Oil 35 ml Curd 50 ml Milk 38 ml METHOD: Mix all the ingredients except milk into a crumble like texture, in a bowl, and then add milk to form a smooth dough. Add 1-2 tbsp of flour, if the dough feels runny or difficult to handle. 2. Once the dough is formed, roll out

Pinata smash Cake or surprise cake is a trending concept at the moment, when is comes to gifting options for special occasions. It is especially a hit with kids who are fascinated with what's inside the pinata! Now, it can be customised by the maker- based on the client requirement, or otherwise. It can be filled with chocolates, brownies, macarons, muffins, surprise gifts, or more. This recipe is being demonstrated by Sonal Nandini, a talented Bangalore homebaker- running her own brand, named Cake Time. She bakes customised cakes for celebrations, healthy bakes, pinatas, desserts and more! Let us see her pinata recipe- Preparing Pinata - 1. Chop the compound chocolate into small pieces & melt it in microwave (or double boiler) for a few seconds. Be careful at this step as chocolate tends to burn quickly. 2. Stir nicely & heat it in

The spirit of Christmas is in the air and we are super excited for all that is coming our way this new year! Many of you will be hosting Christmas parties or wish to make something at home for your loved ones and we have the perfect recipe for you! These are super easy, Christmas theme homemade Cakesicles that you can make, relish and enjoy with friends or family. They look super cute, don't they? You can customise them as per your wish too. For this recipe, we visited a super talented Bangalore based homebaker, Richa Sharma, based on Sarjapur Road. She is running her venture called 'Not Just Cakes' since 4 years, and is appreciated for her fabulous baking by customers! She has been kind enough to shoot a video with us and showcase this delicious recipe, let us get

Cheesecake is a popular dessert, a favorite of many, including ours. We usually don’t attempt making cheesecake at home as there have been a few times when we messed it up! But, when we read about the no crust burnt cheesecake or basque cheesecake, we knew we had to give it a shot! To our utter relief, it came out perfect in the first attempt, which made all the efforts worthwhile! This a creamy dessert that you can enjoy a slice of, with your coffee. The burnet crust, gives it the golden touch and the perfect texture that it deserves. This is something new we tried creating at home, when we got tired of baking the usual cakes and cookies. It was a refreshing bake and a super yummy one, that we are now ready to share with you! Read

Brownies are the ultimate guilty pleasure of any baker or dessert lover and there are a million ways to make one. There are variations, flavours, textures that you can change in a brownie for making it innovative every time you bake one. Srinidhi PNA is a amateur, passionate baker who is completing her studies, while fueling her vested interest in the art of baking. She has taken classes and courses to learn this art better and truly stand out when it comes to creating a baked good. She was one of the first homebakers we shot a Youtube video with and what better to start with, than a classic Chocolate Brownie recipe? She baked the eggless and fudgy version and we loved having some hot brownies on a shoot day! Who wouldn’t, right? She had meticulously prepared for the video shoot

Macaroons are a dessert that are trending, especially if they are lusciously pastel colored. It hits the right note on Instagram even without filters. Wrapped in a small box, neatly tied up in a bow, a few macaroons would qualify for a tasteful gift. While macaroons might be popular, visually pleasing and a complete culinary experience in a bite, it is not easy to make. The process of making macaroons would turn even the most seasoned dessert chef queasy. Jalpa Barai, home baker and entrepreneur, has mastered this task of making macaroons and can bake perfect batches every time. She is a HR Journalist turned baker, who now runs her own cake studio, in the name of Cake-O Mania. She has been in the business for more than 6 years, successfully delivering orders for special occasions and teaching people the art

Bengaluru had been the centre of all our stories from the kitchen, be it cooks, bakers or restaurant owners. But, when we visited the city of Mumbai for a trip, we were surprised to see the abundance of excellent homebakers who have converted their passion into a profession. One such baker is Monica with whom we shot the very first Youtube video in Mumbai. When we scanned through her page, ‘Yummylicious by Monica’, it was difficult to choose a favourite as each work by her was clean, beautiful and a visual treat. And, lucky are those who got to eat a piece of those cakes too! She has been in the business for a few years now, creating a strong clientele who order bakes only from her during special occasions or otherwise. ‘I started looking for occasions to bake cakes, posted

Every baker’s house that we have walked into, we have been greeted with a lot of warmth but this was the first time we were also greeted with a cake, made especially for us! Yes, that is what Kouser had baked for us in her signature rose and pistachio flavour along with the bake that she would finally demonstrate for our Youtube channel. Homebaker Kouser Rizwan, upon shifting to Bangalore, decided to experiment in baking and soon realized she had a knack for it along with cooking. Orders from friends and family started to flow in and she had a thriving baking venture called 'Bake County' from the comfort of her home. For us, she had prepared a special chicken wreath, which was minced flavoured chicken stuffed in a bread, made from scratch, and then baked. Honestly, it was hard for us

A self taught homechef, food blogger and mother, Deeksha believes in curation of the perfect recipes (both baking and cooking) for sharing with the world through her blog, ‘Dees Platter’. She works time and again on a particular recipe until she finds the perfect one, something which can be fueled only by passion and love for food. ‘There are so many wonderful people sharing their culinary knowledge through blogs and videos, but there is always something more to know or learn’, says Deeksha. Her daughter loves having her homemade bakes, she is the guinea pig when it comes to tasting or approving her kitchen experiments. Though there was a commercial demand for Deeksha to sell her products, she took a backseat in that area due to certain personal issues. However, her blog is loved by many who read and try out