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Bread Medhu Vada- The perfect Diwali snack!

Bread Medhu Vada is a fusion dish- a combination of the classic Medhu Vada and the modern Bread Pakoda! It is super crunchy, filled with all the Desi flavours and tastes delicious with coconut chutney! Homechef , blogger and food photographer, Sapna Saxena, demonstrates this recipe to us in the latest Youtube video. It is the perfect snack to serve your guests this Diwali season too, they will definitely want more helpings of these! Let us see how to make these at home, here is the list of ingredients required-

Bread slices 4-5

Rava/Sooji- 1/4th cup

Rice flour- 1/4th cup

Salt- 1/2 tbsp

Chilli flakes- 1 tsp

Curd- 1/2 cup

Chopped onion- 1

Chopped Green chilli – 2

Coriander- a handful

Curry leaves- a bunch

Water- 1-2 tbsp


  1. Break the bread slices in small pieces and keep it in a bowl.
  2. Add the rice flour, sooji, salt, chilli flakes, chopped veggies and mix roughly.
  3. Now, add the curd and mix with your hands, till the dough starts coming together.
  4. Once you get a soft dough, cover the bowl and let it rest for 30-35 minutes.
  5. Now, add the curry leaves, sprinkle some water and knead the dough for 1-2 minutes more.

  1. The dough is ready to be shaped into a log.
  2. Roll it in a log, cut pieces out of it and shape each piece in the form of a donut.
  3. Once down, fry it in hot oil, till it changes color and becomes crunchy.

  1. Add the vadas on a tissue paper, so that it soaks the excess oil.
  2. Serve with coconut chutney, ketchup or your favorite dips!

We hope you all enjoyed this recipe of bread medhu vada and will give it a try at home. It is the perfect start to a diwali party and a go to easy starter that you can prepare at home. For a visual representation, check out the Youtube video.


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