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Story of the iconic IYER MESS of Bangalore

Malleshwaram continues to be the most picturesque part of Bangalore with its broad and canopied roads. The place is dipped in history and the nostalgia that accompanies it. Every lane of that area houses an old, iconic eatery which has a connection with the history of Bangalore. Iyer Mess is one such iconic place. It is a little difficult to locate if you are a millennial like us and completely dependent on GPS. However, if you choose to be completely old school and ask people around, they will point you to the lane in a jiffy. The maps may not know the location but the locals do.

Run by Venkatesh Iyer and Kamala Iyer of the current generation, Iyer Mess is an iconic Bengaluru eatery that you cannot miss if you live here or drop by for a visit. Authentic South Indian Banana Leaf Meals at its best and simplest is what this place is all about. The owners are welcoming, sweet and will make you feel at home. They will also make sure that you enjoy your meal and take more helpings if needed!

There are two aspects that characterize Iyer Mess- great food and simplicity. Like the name suggests, it is a mess, where people can come in for a quick no-fuss meal, it will be served quickly and you can have your fill without the food burning a hole in your pocket. Iyer Mess constitutes of two rooms with steel table and chair, functional seating at its best. They don’t have a fixed menu and serve what is prepared freshly on that very day with seasonal vegetables. They specialize in Tamilian-Bramhin cuisine and judging by the crowd on a weekday, I would say there are many takes for this kind of food. There was a queue when we arrived and one when we were leaving as well. So, be prepared to wait for a while till you get your meal. The meals here cost RS. 70 and you will be served with a Rice, Ghee, Rasam, Palya, Roti, Vada, Papadam, Curd and Sweet.

Living in Bangalore for the last eight years, I have acquired a taste of sambarand rasam. I can tell which ones I really liked and the ones I won’t try again. I can definitely tell you, I am going to come back to Iyer Mess solely for the rasam if not for anything else. Every item that was served there tasted of carefully curated cooking and homely at the same time.

If you decide to visit this place, follow the address – No 4/3, West Park Road Between 7th and 8th Cross, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003 https://maps.app.goo.gl/khzkGiJCa9iFS…

We loved the experience of having homely meals here and can’t wait to go back!




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