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August 2022

Fruit crumble is the perfect sweet treat for winters- it's warm, flavourful and so delicious. You can make it healthy, integrate the fruits you like and bake these beauties, easily at home. This healthy version of fruit crumble is demonstrated by Meena, who is training under Bangalore homebaker, Samantha. She runs a brand named             The Sweet Affair Shop Let us see how to make this dessert at home: Ingredients- Pear sliced 70 g Plum sliced 50 g Honey 20 g Brown sugar 20 g Heat this on a stovetop or induction, till the sugar melts. Be careful at this step as sugar tends to burn easily. Keep this fruit mixture aside, so that we can use it in the assembly at the end. Let us make the crumble Crumble ingredients: Oats 27 g Flour 27 g Cold Butter 30 g Cinnamon 1/4 tsp Walnuts 1 tbsp Mix these ingredients till

Savoury baking with healthy elements has always been a challenge for me as it becomes difficult to find the right balance. But, Sandhya and Samantha from The Sweet Affair Shop, make it look easy and effortless! They show us this snack recipe which is baked, healthy, eggless, super easy to make and comes out delicious! A great pairing with your evening tea or coffee, here is how you bake these beauties: Ingredients: Wheat Flour 96 gms Salt 3/4 tsp or to taste Cheese grated 10 gms Pizza seasoning 3/4 tsp Chili flakes (to taste) 1.5 tsp Oil 35 ml Curd 50 ml Milk 38 ml METHOD: Mix all the ingredients except milk into a crumble like texture, in a bowl, and then add milk to form a smooth dough. Add 1-2 tbsp of flour, if the dough feels runny or difficult to handle. 2. Once the dough is formed, roll out

Pinata smash Cake or surprise cake is a trending concept at the moment, when is comes to gifting options for special occasions. It is especially a hit with kids who are fascinated with what's inside the pinata! Now, it can be customised by the maker- based on the client requirement, or otherwise. It can be filled with chocolates, brownies, macarons, muffins, surprise gifts, or more. This recipe is being demonstrated by Sonal Nandini, a talented Bangalore homebaker- running her own brand, named Cake Time. She bakes customised cakes for celebrations, healthy bakes, pinatas, desserts and more! Let us see her pinata recipe- Preparing Pinata - 1. Chop the compound chocolate into small pieces & melt it in microwave (or double boiler) for a few seconds. Be careful at this step as chocolate tends to burn quickly. 2. Stir nicely & heat it in

Choley Puri is a popular Indian homemade delicacy that many love to relish on cheat days or weekends! It is packed with Desi flavors, made with love and is very filling- calls for a complete lunch or dinner! In our recent video shoot, a talented homechef in Bengaluru- Simran Kukreja - shows us this recipe from scratch and we didn't mind the extra helpings of Poori, because it tasted delicious! Simran belongs to Namma Bengaluru, she is in the teaching profession since 15+ years and holds an immense passion for cooking, as well as baking. The secret ingredient in all her creations is that extra drizzle of love- which makes you wanting for more servings! Let us see how to make her version of the quintessential choley puri: Ingredients for Chola - Servings - 6: 3 cups of soaked overnight chickpeas 4 onions chopped

A traditional Bengali lunch - Dim Posto, is a crowd favourite when it comes to a filling and delicious meal. The main ingredient here is the poppy seeds or the posto, which is a delight among Bengalis and is used for making vegetarian delicacies as well. It goes best with steaming white rice, so let us see how to cook this at home: Ingredients- Poppy seeds Green Chillies Eggs Poatotes Salt Turmeric powder Brown sugar Water METHOD: Make a paste in a mixer with 4-5 tbsp of poppy seeds, 2 green chillis and 1/2 cup water. Keep it aside Keep the required amount of eggs and potatoes boiled, to be cooked later. In a kadhai, heat 2 tbsp mustard oil, add a tbsp of salt and a pinch of turmeric powder. Fry the eggs and potatoes in this till they turn golden brown. Keep the slightly fried boiled eggs aside