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April 2021

Waffles are the ultimate comfort breakfast, that you can customise with your favorite fruits and nuts! Not only is it filling and delicious, it can be made super healthy too! I know I love waffles, though I do not get the time to make them often in the morning. This time, I made super fluffy waffles which are sugar free, gluten free and diabetic friendly. I love the texture of these waffles, and usually have them with sliced bananas as well as almonds. I have used my waffle maker here but you can use the same batter in your silicone waffle moulds as well to bake the waffles in the oven. Here is the list of ingredients you need for making the waffle batter: 2 room temperature eggs 4 tbsp melted butter 1/3 cup soya milk/almond milk 1/2 tsp vanilla essence 90 gms almond flour 28

It's been a long week with the world turning upside down, almost everyday. The news we read on social media and hear from our loved ones is not flattering either. During these tough times, I like to bake something for my family, in order to take my mind off of things. Baking is therapeutic, it makes me calm and helps to give my creative brain a rest. Creation can be fun, intimidating, fulfilling, all at the same time, I believe. I am no expert in baking, especially when it comes to eggless baking but these wheat muffins are my go to recipe now! It's healthier than your regular muffins, super spongy and taste so good! They are a family favorite, and I can have them absolutely anyday as a dessert or a tea time snack.  Hence, sharing them with you

Hot summer days call for a cold salad as one of the meals. It sure is a refreshing change in the heat, a fresh and healthy idea for summers! If you love salads, you will surely love this recipe! It's healthy, quick, homemade and tastes delicious. I have made it several times already and absolutely in love with how filling and refreshing it can be. We usually make a big batch for dinners and consume it with bread and maybe a juice. Here is how can make this too: INGREDIENTS: 1 big lettuce 15-20 cherry tomatoes 1 english cucumber 8-10 black olives 2-3 tbsp salt Half of a lime 5-6 pods of garlic 10-12 pieces of walnuts 1 tbsp pepper 3-4 tbsp Feta Cheese 2-3 tbsp olive oil 2-3 tbsp honey METHOD: In a large bowl, mix slices of lettuce, sliced black olives, halved cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and the cucumber. For the dressing,