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November 2020

[caption id="attachment_11121" align="alignnone" width="225"] Perfect for the winters! Homemade, healthy and super delicious![/caption] Food forms an important part of any culture which shapes its identity to some extent. We recognize certain authentic and popular Indian food items with the culture it is associated with, like the dal baati churma with the people of Rajasthan or sarsoon ka saag with the people of Punjab. Similarly, Litti Chokha resonates with Biharis as a staple meal and we are here to explore it’s recipe, with a slight twist. We have stayed in Patna, Bihar, for a few years, during the childhood days and both our parents belong to the state of Bihar. My mother has made Littis in the yester years, coupled with Chokha and my Dad reminisces the days when he would relish this good old combination, with mirth. Having heard many stories

Winter calls for a slice of cake with a warm cup of tea or coffee, isn’t it? And when the bake is made at home, made healthy, it’s definitely more desirable! We love cake! When there is nothing sweet available at home, we bake a cake and relish it! Having practiced healthy baking for over a year, we never want to shift to the store bought unhealthy ones that contain refined flours, sugars, preservatives and cake gel. Healthy homemade bakes are, anyday, the best option for a guilt free binge. The recipe we are sharing today is a pre Christmas bake that contains a citrusy taste, along with the decadent chocolate, but nothing is overpowering, due to it’s perfect balance! It’s eggless, fluffy, easy to bake and requires quickly available ingredients. We used a small size bread loaf tin for baking

Cheesecake is a popular dessert, a favorite of many, including ours. We usually don’t attempt making cheesecake at home as there have been a few times when we messed it up! But, when we read about the no crust burnt cheesecake or basque cheesecake, we knew we had to give it a shot! To our utter relief, it came out perfect in the first attempt, which made all the efforts worthwhile! This a creamy dessert that you can enjoy a slice of, with your coffee. The burnet crust, gives it the golden touch and the perfect texture that it deserves. This is something new we tried creating at home, when we got tired of baking the usual cakes and cookies. It was a refreshing bake and a super yummy one, that we are now ready to share with you! Read

Warm homemade Gajar Halwa is a delicacy like no other, especially during the festive time. During Diwali, sweets, halwas, ladoos, dry fruits are stocked in abundance at home, whether you get it from relatives or purchase them. Moving slightly from the conundrum of consuming sweets only during this time, we thought of creating an Indian fusion dessert for a hatke Diwali celebration! So, we combined our healthy homemade tart base with Gajar halwa and it was a match made in heaven! You can make this at home for your loved ones too, let us find out how: For the healthy tart base, these are the ingredients you need: 1 Cup Oats Flour 1/2 Cup Almond flour ½ Cup Dates Paste 2 tbsp Coconut Oil/regular oil ½ tsp salt ½ tsp lemon zest ½ tsp cinnamon powder METHOD: Combine all the above ingredients in a bowl to a sticky dough.

Diwali, the festival of lights, calls for homely celebrations with lights, sweets, ghar ka khaana and your loves ones beside you. Be it dryfruits, ladoos, gujiyas and the heavenly smell of ghee, home feels different and beautiful when Diwali is around. We wanted to create something unique this season, by giving it the twist of baking! Hence, we came up with Kaju Burfi cookies! Interesting, right? After experimenting with and making certain necessary changes to the recipe, we finalized on a recipe of these melt in the mouth cookies that you need to bake at home for understanding how good they are! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to share these! Let us jump to the recipe of these festive cookies and yes, HAPPY DIWALI! To make the cookie dough, these are the ingredients you need: 100 gms Desi Ghee 80gms Cane Sugar/regular white