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October 2020

Butter Cookies are my ultimate favorite for buttery, crunchy homemade cookies that you can have with milk, tea, coffee or just as it is! I can’t stop binging on these healthy goodies that you can make too, easily at home. The day I made them, my family could not stop praising the texture as well as the taste. You might find it a little tedious or time consuming at first, as there are two doughs to be made for these cookies. But, it will be worth it, at the end, trust me! You can use the recipe for making only butter cookies or choco cookies too, they are just as good. But, for added taste, combine the doughs and munch on these beauties. These cookies can also be stored for upto a week in an airtight container, although they don’t

Bread Poha or Bread Pulao is not an unknown delicacy. It is a favourite of many who love bread in all forms and are lazy to cook, at times! It is a one pot dish that you can make, with several customisations, when the hunger pangs hit. A good and quick recipe for working mothers, Bread Pulao seems to be a saviour when children demand for snacks in the evening. Our mother has made us a fan of this dish by making it in the best possible manner, everytime she cooks it. It is an amalgamation and the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. Might we mention, the textures are varied and interesting as well. The softness of the bread, crunch from the peanuts, mushiness from the potatoes, makes it a full and interesting meal. I am sure you get the

Khichudi is a delectable and well known one pot meal, not just for Bengalis, but for Indians, in general. You might have heard your mother suggest Khichdi for lunch when you are sick or in our case, the day we eat vegeterian at home, Saturdays. Bengalis love their 'Bhoger Khichudi', a special offering during Durga Pujo at Pandals or the homemade version, which is packed with flavour, goodness, but is simple, all at the same time. It is accompanied with Lebra or a mix vegetable dish and roasted Papad for a full meal. Our mother has been cooking this Khichdi at home, since as long as we can remember. It has a disntic taste and flavour, that is simple, yet flavourful. We sure love this homemade meal and in order to share it with the world, we recorded her recipe as

Our Bengali mother knows numerous authentic Bengali recipes like the back of her hand. She can whip them up in the kitchen anytime, without referring to any recipe or instructions. One such recipe of hers that we love, especially during summers, is the Aamer (Mango) Chutney. It is perfect for consumption after a meal during the summer time as it cools the body while providing a tangy taste. Did we mention that it is simple to make too? It takes a little bit of patience to get the consistency of the mangoes right and then, the dish is a cakewalk. Everyone in our family loves this Chutney, we consume bowls of it post a meal and don't get bored of it in the least! Hence, a video of this on Rasoisaga, as well as a written blog, was coming! So, here

A forgotten delicacy of Kolkata which is loved by and made in several Bengali households, Dimer Devil or Egg Devil has a place of its own when it comes to good food! It is a complete treat for eggetarians or egg lovers who want to indulge in a filling snack. Not only is it filled with flavor, it's texture is what gives it the unique identity. Crispy from the outside, it has two layers on the inside, one is mushy with the potatoes and one is soft with the boiled egg. Do you picture it? Does it make you want to make one and eat right away? Then, keep reading this blog to know how our mother makes the authentic egg devil at home that everyone can't get enough of! She used to make this as a signature snack for

Who doesn't want to wake up in the morning with the smell of warm cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee? The ideal breakfast indeed because soft cinnamon rolls and coffee are an indulgent match made in heaven! They form an important part of the English breakfast, having a distinct taste, that can make you fall in love with them instantly. We have always wanted to try out cinnamon rolls at home but since we practice only healthy baking, we had to create a healthier version of this! During the lockdown phase, we learnt from an online class, how to make, sweet or savoury bread doughs using semolina/chiroti rava (the super fine version of Sooji). We learnt the process from an Indian food blogger and recipe curator, Gayathri Kumar. This recipe is truly a keeper, if executed patiently and well. With one sweet

There are days when we get the sudden sweet cravings but do not want to bake something fancy or elaborate for it. This happens especially during the busy weekdays, with all the work going on, but you want to eat something sweet. We tried these three ingredient cookies during one of those days and were surprised with how good it turned out! Soft cookies that do not require any flour, filled with flavor, and the best part is that they are healthy as well! If you love Peanut Butter like we do, you need to try this bake because they are perhaps the easiest cookies you will make. Here is how you can go about making these flourless, sugar free cookies: INGREDIENTS (This recipe makes 4-5 large cookies): 4 tbsp sugar free peanut butter 1 egg (substitute : 4 tbsp flax egg