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September 2020

If you are like us and struggle with evening snacks to kill the hunger pangs, then this is the perfect recipe for you! One always needs something to munch on while sipping on that hot cup of tea or coffee. It becomes even better when the snack is baked and healthy. We made these simple, super crunchy crackers at home during lockdown and could not stop binging on them! We warn you that you can't stop at just one cracker! Let us learn how to make these Pizza Crackers at home: INGREDIENTS: 1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour 1/2 Cup Oats Flour 1 tbsp Salt 4 tbsp Olive Oil Cold Butter- 2 tbsp Grated Cheese - 4 tbsp Baking Powder- 1/2 tsp Red Chilli Flakes, parsley, oregano (italian herbs)- 1 tbsp each Water to bring the dough together METHOD: 1. In a large bowl, add the dry ingredients and mix. 2. Rub the cold butter

Uma pursued baking as a hobby since childhood days and when she moved to Bangalore, this hobby became a passion. She started experimenting with unique flavors, flours, ingredients in baking to make it healthy for her kids and also learn at the same time. After completion of an entrepreneurial course in baking, Uma was definite that she wants to take this passion a step further. She is a healthy mom baker who wants to give her sons only the best when it comes to desserts or savory bakes so that they don't consume junk food from stores. Be it healthy homemade pizzas, cakes, breads, baked snacks, Uma has done it all and wishes to explore further in this area. We met her through social media and visited her place on a beautiful afternoon for the video shoot. She had meticulously

Healthy baking is currently a rage as it can provide you with indulgent desserts and make you feel less guilty for consuming those! Replacing Maida/APF, processed sugars and artificial colors in your baking can surely have a positive change in your health. One should consider this shift or change if they want to consume desserts guilt free. We are here with yet another healthy baking recipe of blondies today. These blondies or 'blonde brownies' are made with whole wheat and sugar free peanut butter, needless to mention that they taste absolutely decadent! They are brownies without the cocoa powder or chocolate, you can say. Soft dessert bars for a quick dessert fix is what makes blondies a treat for people with sweet tooth. These blondies are made by the founder of Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community, Simran Oberoi Multani. We had shot

If you love Pasta, especially Spaghetti, you need to try makin this quick Aglio e Olio at home. We tried this during the lockdown phase at home and absolutely loved the results! The best part about this recipe is that it is made with simple, easily available ingredients and ready in no time for a quick dinner or lunch on busy days. It took us hardly 20 minutes to get the finished dish on the plate and gobble it up! We love Aglio e Olio and would order it at a cafe or restaurant often. Now, having made it so easily at home, we are not sure if we would like to order it out anymore! Let's learn how to make this at home. The first step is boling the spaghetti which needs to be done carefully in order to avoid

Eating at Iyengar Bakery which is strewn all across Bangalore is a compulsory experience for all of Bangaloreans. They are particularly famous for their honey cake. If you have ever tasted the honey or have been a regular consumer of it (like us, guilty as charged) then you know what we are speaking of. That dish is an experience in itself. The soft spongy cake soaked in honey and garnished with coconut shavings and cream. We got in touch with home baker Vidya Arvind from Happy homebaker who makes this exact honey cake except her version is healthier. Hence, less guilt which binging! While the traditional honey cakes consists of maida, refined sugar and unprocessed honey, Vidya’s version replaces these with healthier substitutes. Her honey cake uses whole wheat, jaggery and unprocessed honey. Personally we did not feel it was any different

The prospect of visiting Cafe Azuki sounded exciting. While trying Japanese food had been on our bucket list, it never saw the light of the day. Finally we were in Azuki and were told to try out their sushi. As a sushi amateur, I did not know what to expect. We were given a background to the special sushi we were going to try. It is a sushi inspired by Bangalore and aptly named Bangarolls. So unlike the traditional sushi it was going to be vegetarian. The sushi had yellow and red bell pepper sliced and marinated on top to represent the flag of Karnataka and finished with greens beans which is native to the State. The sushi is an ode to Karnataka. It looked colourful with the red, yellow and green popping out. We were ready to dig in! The

Snow lion Tibet kitchen is a quaint shack located in the lanes of New BEL Road, beside MS Ramaiah College, Bengaluru, which has been serving some lip smacking Tibetan food to Bangloreans. Personally, we think Indo-Chinese and Tibetan food is the epitome of comfort food. Steamed, piping hot momos with the fiery red sauce is the stuff dreams are made of. Fried momos also make the mark if they are deep fried to perfection. That is exactly what we experienced in Snow Lion. And, what's the best part? All of this at a super pocket friendly rate! And, this is what makes the place even more attractive for students. You will get a bowl of hot soup here for RS. 60, momos at RS. 80 and the main course within RS. 100! Unbelievable? You have to visit here and eat

Image Credit: Curly Tales Bangalore is known for it’s good weather, the cool climate and once you enter the city, it is difficult to leave it. But, we found out a way to kick up the heat in Namma Bengaluru with a fun food challenge that you can try. For the next hangout with your friends, challenge them to have the ‘BHOOT MOMOS’ at Bamey’s, Koramangala. These momos are made with Bhoot Jholakia, the hottest chillies in the world and one bite from this momo has made even the spicy food lovers pant and cry (not the happy tears, mind you!). The owner, Nikihil, also specifies how only 12 people have won this contest till date out of thousands who have taken it over the years! ONLY 12? Yes! But, it is surely worth a try as we had a lot

Do you remember Conizza or Cone Pizza that is available at Pizza Hut on order? We remember having it a couple of times and enjoying a unique way to have everyone’s favorite, Pizza. At the time, it was an innovative and new dish in the market that everyone wanted to try, especially the kids! Nonetheless, the crust is made with Maida or APF which makes it not such a healthy product for consumption. During the lockdown phase, we thought of recreating this dish at home with a semolina base or cone and fill them with our choice of veggies or chicken. This would make it healthier than the store bought ones and of course, you can fill in whatever you want in the cones! Let us learn how to make CONIZZA at home: For the base or dough with Semolina: Semolina/Chiroti Rava

Are you a Kabab lover? Do you love Tandoori rotis, naan, tikkas? Then, this recipe is for you! Read on as we tell you how to make the most delicious chicken kababs at home with less oil, baked and filled with flavor! We tried this during the lockdown phase when we were craving for some good North Indian food and loved the outcome. We had chicken kababs and veg kababs for three days straight with roti and daal. Doesn’t get more desi than this, does it? Let us learn how you can make these at home too: INGREDIENTS: 250 gms boneless chicken 4-5 tbsp Yogurt(hung curd) 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste Half of a lime 1 tbsp salt ½ tsp mustard oil or regular oil Red chilli powder – ½ tsp Turmeric Powder/Haldi- ½ tsp Dhaniya Powder – ½ tsp Chaat Masala – ½ tsp Aamchoor Powder – ½ tsp Jeera Powder –