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August 2020

A staunch believer in organic eating, Anitha is an entrepreneur who is on a mission to source organic products from local farmers and supply them to consumers at large. She is doing so through her brand, Avadatta Organics. She sources the products from various regions of India through farmers and sells them to cities without preservatives, additives or chemicals. She believes a person’s health, well being, truly and largely depends on their eating patterns and food habits. One needs to have food that is unrefined, non processed and fresh to maintain a healthy diet balance. She tells us during the video shoot how people, in the present times, have taken to eating junk food extensively and how badly it affects their health. One might not understand its repercussions immediately, but it does affect in a negative way during the long

A homecook who goes to a particular flour mill for getting the best healthy flour to be used at her home, Mahalakshmi is a passionate chef who truly blends health with taste. If you walk into her kitchen, it is a pleasing sight to look at with the spices, flours, dry fruits, raw materials neatly arranged and labeled. She is organized and plans her meals way in advance for getting the best outcome. Her goal has always been to serve healthy meals to her family which is why her sons do not prefer eating outside. They demand for healthy cookies, bakes, meals from her and she can’t help but fulfill these demands, while refining her cooking talent. She had carefully measured and arranged all the ingredients needed for the video shoot before we arrived and also kept some healthy treats

Brownies are the ultimate guilty pleasure of any baker or dessert lover and there are a million ways to make one. There are variations, flavours, textures that you can change in a brownie for making it innovative every time you bake one. Srinidhi PNA is a amateur, passionate baker who is completing her studies, while fueling her vested interest in the art of baking. She has taken classes and courses to learn this art better and truly stand out when it comes to creating a baked good. She was one of the first homebakers we shot a Youtube video with and what better to start with, than a classic Chocolate Brownie recipe? She baked the eggless and fudgy version and we loved having some hot brownies on a shoot day! Who wouldn’t, right? She had meticulously prepared for the video shoot

A passionate homecook who experiments with flavours, dishes and combinations in food almost everyday, Komal loves her kitchen and creating in it. A Sindhi, who wants to explore beyond Sindhi flavors in food, while keeping the basics intact, she is a true example of a mother who goes to lengths for giving the best to her child. Her 6 year old son, Riyanshu, is an adorable child, who helped his mother in the kitchen, throughout the shoot. He sat on the counter, cut out the Kokis from the dough, and in between demanded for snacks, while observing the process the entire time. It was truly a delight interacting with Komal as her eyes would shine everytime she spoke about food, the dishes she has innovated and indeed, she is a true-blue food lover just like us! When we connect to any

The word Biryani is a treat in itself with its variety in flavor, taste, uniqueness and the fact that there are so many varieties in India to explore! We have always loved Calcutta Biryani, having stayed there for a decade. And likely, we would always resist having Biryani other than the ones we have tried as that’s a risky place to put your foot on. But, being food bloggers, we also wanted to explore the idea of having Biryani belonging to other states and understand the differences that they hold. In South India itself, there are many varieties of Biryani, it’s different in Andhra Pradesh, then in Tamil Nadu, then in Karnataka, Kerala or other districts. The color, texture, ingredients changes with a change of place, giving a plate of Biryani a completely different identity when your location changes. That’s

A plate full of colors, textures, smell, offering to give you a lot in terms of Rajasthani food, Kesariya restaurant in JP Nagar is a must visit. Consisting of more than 30 items in a single royal silver thali, this restaurant offers more than just food. The soothing and traditional Rajasthani music, the windy seating area, the welcoming service and the beautiful ambience will make you want to stay here for hours. We visited this place for a video shoot, having heard good reviews from many. We are not big time thali lovers but were willing to give this one a try, in anticipation. Glad we finally did as it had a lot to offer (quite literally!). The adult thali here costs RS. 595 on weekdays and RS. 645 on the weekends. Honestly, it was difficult for one person to

Comfort food for us is a warm bowl of soup, loaded with chicken, veggies and the perfect balance of taste. What’s better? If it has noodles added to it! We try various types of recipes with whole wheat noodles at home, be it spicy, soupy, with gravy or otherwise. If you love noodles, you will understand that there is a certain charm to having the thin, silky variety, flavored just the right way! Drooling? Let’s skip to today’s recipe then that will surely make you drool more! Thukpa is a Tibetan noodle soup which originated in the eastern part of Tibet. It is a favorite among Tibetan people and the Himalayan people of Nepal. It is, of course, consumed in other parts of the world, as a warm, comforting, one bowl meal that is filling, rich in protein and super

Crackers are super crunchy, perfect accompaniment to your hot cup of tea or coffee in the evenings or mornings. We all need something to munch on while sipping that daily dose of tea. What if you can make these at home and make them super healthy as well? We had a packet of flax seeds lying around at home that we wanted to use and what better than integrating them in a baked dish. Pro tip: Flax egg works great as a substitute for eggs in baking cakes or cookies as the texture resembles that of an egg. Getting back to the point, we baked these quick, crunchy and healthy crackers at home and couldn’t resist having a handful at once! So, read along to know how we made them: INGREDIENTS: 1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour ¼ Cup Flax Seeds 1 tsp Salt ½ tsp

Parathas are an all time desi delight for many with the makkhan, the pickle, the curd or the Lassi. They can be made with the filling of your choice and savored for a filling lunch or dinner! Usually, they don’t even need a companion such as a veggie or side dish because they are the stars of the table, ready to be dipped in fresh curd. We love Parathas and though our mother makes it the usual way (on the tava) a lot, we thought of creating one with a twist, as an experiment, and it worked so well! Everyone enjoyed it at home for dinner and we are looking forward to (b)making it again! Instead of making it on the tava, we baked the Paratha with a whole wheat crust, filled it with a delicious Keema filling and braided

Malleshwaram continues to be the most picturesque part of Bangalore with its broad and canopied roads. The place is dipped in history and the nostalgia that accompanies it. Every lane of that area houses an old, iconic eatery which has a connection with the history of Bangalore. Iyer Mess is one such iconic place. It is a little difficult to locate if you are a millennial like us and completely dependent on GPS. However, if you choose to be completely old school and ask people around, they will point you to the lane in a jiffy. The maps may not know the location but the locals do. Run by Venkatesh Iyer and Kamala Iyer of the current generation, Iyer Mess is an iconic Bengaluru eatery that you cannot miss if you live here or drop by for a visit. Authentic South