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July 2020

If you are like us who can’t be content with having one or two dishes at a time, then thalis are the way to go! Nothing beats a good thali with a diverse range of items that savour the taste buds and is more than a meal for one person. South Ruchi’s Square, located on Race Course Road, is an organic, pure vegetarian and also has jain options available. This thali does not burn a hole in your pocket with an added bonus of having it at a fine dine restaurant in Bengaluru! It is currently run by the second generation of a family who have 60+ years of experience in the hotel industry. We were called by one of the managers here to make a Youtube video on their food. We were excited to try the good food! We started with

We love a full Pizza but when we tried finishing the 15 Inch Pizza at 1131 Bar+ Kitchen, located in Indiranagar 100 ft Road, we could not! Serving Bangalore’s Biggest Pizza and a bar, this has attracted many with it’s open air ambience, service and delectable menu. It was on our go to list as soon as it opened and the Big Pizza was the star attraction! A spacious place, spread across two floors, this located bang on Indiranagar 100 FT. Road and the prominent location barely escapes notice. Starting from attractive appetizers to a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and multi-cuisine food, it is sure to catch attention of foodies who can’t stop at one cuisine or dish! The diverse menu included the Party Pizza, available in both Veg and Non veg varieties, 15 inch in size, prices varying

dosa aunty Image Source- Curly Tales Lakshmi Aunty, popularly known as ‘Dosa Aunty’ has been running her Dosa cart for over 10 years and winning hearts of several youngsters in the process. Located opposite Jain College, JC Road, Bengaluru, this small cart whips up hot, spicy, delicious Dosas for the hungry students during lunch time or after college. In order to make it even more interesting to the young crowd, they have added varieties to the regular dosas such as Pizza Dosa, Noodle Dosa, Cheese Dosas and more at a pocket friendly rate. No Dosa exceeds RS. 100. The prices start from RS. 40. Students come here with their friends, grab a plate of hot dosa, have a chat with Dosa Aunty and leave in order to catch the next class! This place a ‘student’s adda’ where stories and dosas are being

Are you a lover of crispy hot dosas? What if you can have a larger than life dosa right here in Bengaluru? We did at RK Dosa Camp, located in Wilson Garden that serves a FAMILY DOSA which is 4 ft. in length. You need at least 4-5 people to finish off one dosa! South India is known for it’s dosas, idlis, sambhar, upma and other iconic food items. Namma Bengaluru is a hub of Darshinis that serve these dishes with the best of taste and cost. In order to make this experience more unique, RK Dosa Camp had come up with this concept of introducing a huge dosa that one can have with friends or family and enjoy to the fullest! You can also try to challenge your friends for finishing this dosa in a given amount of time and

Mooch Marod has several locations in the city of Bengaluru, we visited their Koramangala branch to try the Biggest/ EMPEROR PARATHA! You might have had several parathas in the past, but if you are looking for a true blue North Indian experience of the typical parathas with makkhan and lassi, look no further than this place! When you walk in to any of their branches, it is usually bustling with an enthusiastic, hungry crowd who can’t wait to dig into the parathas. We visited here for the video shoot and were prepared to finish the paratha. Alas, four of us could not complete ONE PARATHA! It is 2KGs and 24cm in diameter. So, can you finish it?! We tried the aloo, onion paratha at RS. 240 with a Emperor Lassi. The paratha took up the entire table, it was served with

Baking has been Vinita’s passion since she was 15 years old. She used to be a teacher but with time, she realized that baking was her true calling and she had to take it up more seriously. This gave birth to her homebaking venture, ‘Bakes and Treats’ in Bengaluru. If you see the pictures of her bakes, they are sure to catch your attention with it’s simplicity, beauty and elegance. She pipes beautiful edible flowers on most of her cakes which uplift their visual appeal and make one want to have a piece! ‘We don’t use any preservatives or additives in our bakes, all the ingredients are fresh and homemade’ says Vinita during the Youtube video shoot. Her sons wait for her bakes, both savoury and sweet, to get a taste of the deliciousness because nobody can resist the smell of

Inspired by her mother to start baking and by her friend to take up baking as a profession, Sonal Nandini is a Bangalore based baker, mother and inquisitive learner. Having practiced the basics with her mother’s recipes like the sponge cakes, carrot cakes, eggless delights, she got more vested in the idea of taking this up on a professional level. Her friend, Deepti, helped to exercise this idea into play and make it a reality. ‘My first win was when I made a Barbie cake for my daughter’s birthday, suggested by my mother, that everyone loved!’. This gave her more confidence to practice and experiment in the field of baking. She runs her venture, ‘Cake Time’ from home, takes up customized cake orders from clients and makes her level best to do justice to each one of them. Specialising in eggless

A seasoned cook, mother, inquisitive traveler and enthusiastic learner, Akila believes in keeping food healthy, simple and nutritious. Having experimented with both baking and cooking over the years, she has developed and perfected homemade healthy recipes that she shares with the world through her page, ‘Morphy and Me’.  A mother of three who is determined to serve only healthy food to her children, she attempts on striking a balance between taste as well as health. She has travelled to numerous places in India, with family as well as solo, with the idea of exploring cultures, meeting new people, garnering stories and creating experiences. She will welcome you with a beautiful smile and her cheerful energy will not let one have a dull moment! We arrived later than the promised time to her place on the day of the video shoot, owing

Bengaluru had been the centre of all our stories from the kitchen, be it cooks, bakers or restaurant owners. But, when we visited the city of Mumbai for a trip, we were surprised to see the abundance of excellent homebakers who have converted their passion into a profession. One such baker is Monica with whom we shot the very first Youtube video in Mumbai. When we scanned through her page, ‘Yummylicious by Monica’, it was difficult to choose a favourite as each work by her was clean, beautiful and a visual treat. And, lucky are those who got to eat a piece of those cakes too! She has been in the business for a few years now, creating a strong clientele who order bakes only from her during special occasions or otherwise. ‘I started looking for occasions to bake cakes, posted

A food stylist, blogger, photographer, baker and entrepreneur, Noopur Joshi is a Bangalorean who loves anything and everything related to food! A travel enthusiast who is inspired to try innovative flavours in her bakes, Noopur gives each and every creation of hers a unique touch. The local flavors, varied tastes, food styles of the cities or countries that she travels to inspires her to take bits from them and create recipes that represents the place at large and also her spin on the same. Having followed it as a passion for a few years, she started jotting down these recipes on her food blog, 'Noopurs Kitchen', with the idea of sharing it with the world. The passion and love for food increases only when you learn, recreate, try and innovate that pushes your culinary boundaries. Noopur does just that, not