Rasoisaga is the passion project of Pratibha who aspires to document the diversity that exists in our kitchens.

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June 2020

A Bengali hailing from Kolkata, Anwesha is a person who loves to cook, bake and experiment with her culinary skills on a daily basis. She is an advocate who practiced in Kolkata but on shifting to Bengaluru, she gave her passion of cooking a chance to grow more. This led to starting of her delivery service, ‘Mimi’s Kitchen’ from home which caters to cravings of people for homemade food such as Rolls, Fried Rice, Egg Devil, home made chocolates, variety of snacks and much more. You will be surprised to see the variety of dishes she makes in a single day, belonging to different cuisines. Nevertheless, she manages all of it with finesse and a big smile on her face, which makes her passion and love for food evident. Anwesha specializes in homemade chocolates, adding her own touch to each variety

In the past when someone said healthy and clean eating, we cringed because to us it indicated boring, bland food that takes forever to cook and does not taste good. But, sometimes healthy comes along with taste as well as ease and Kirti taught us just that. Her humble raw papaya and mango salad, thinly sliced and flavoured with all sweet, salt, sour and spice is minimalism in a bowl. Kirti shared with us her goal of eating healthy and clean, which made her start her ever growing Facebook group, ‘Kukclean’ which consists of clean eating members. The best part about eating clean is the focus on freshness and locally sourced products. Raw papaya and raw mango are two products that are easily available to any market; it is not priced exorbitantly because of its easy and local availability and can

One might think that healthy baking means simple replacing ingredients. Like replacing maida with whole wheat flour or using brown sugar instead of white. But, the idea of healthy baking runs a bit deeper than these plastic changes. It is not just what you out in your bakes but also creating new recipes which are centred on healthy products. So it is not just product replacement but also newly created products. Home baker and entrepreneur, Renuka Verma, has been integrating this practice of creating new recipes using healthy flours and ingredients. She has given herself the goal of creating a healthy baked product on a daily basis. So her daily goal is to be create a new baked product or re-invent a baked classic using healthy baking ingredients. She has a collection of flours and sugars that we may not even

Nafisa did not make a shift to healthy baking, she started with it from the very beginning, keeping her family’s health in mind. You can look forward to her baking posts to find unique and out of the box bakes everytime. She is truly innovative when it comes to healthy baking, making it gluten free, savoury, vegan or sometimes, healthier! A mother of two boys and a homebaker, Nafisa believes in keeping her bakes for customers and family, free of chemicals, preservatives, maida and refined sugar. She uses this philosophy in her day to day cooking as well. Since her son is allergic to a few items, she prefers avoiding outside junk food, and tries to give him the healthiest snacks, food or bakes to consume. Her baking venture, ‘Pure and Precious’ is based out of Bengaluru. It will deliver healthy

Koramangala is the busiest, one of the most well known areas in Bangalore which is filled with colleges, offices, restaurants, cafes and what not! At any time of the day, it is bustling with an energetic crowd who are waiting or rushing to go somewhere. This is why you will always find traffic on the roads here. If you want to reach somewhere in this area, make sure you have time in your hands before leaving. Since this place is overcrowded with eateries, we thought of listing 5 places that we love eating at within a budget. Here, we are exploring places where we can have a filling meal at within/under RS. 200. Let us get straight to the list: Khawa Karpo- Located in a tiny corner of Koramangala 5th Block, Khawa Karpo is a delight for Tibetan Food Lovers.

Are you a Desi Chinese lover like us? Hot Soup on a rainy day, spicy noodles for lunch, Momos are your go to food? Then, read on to know the top 5 places in the city of Bengaluru for a lip smacking Chinese lunch or dinner at a budget price! We visited these places for our Youtube video shoot, but there was more of eating than the actual work because good food does that, doesn’t it?! Let us dive into the list: Wok Paper Scissors- A tiny outlet in the bustling lanes of Koramangala, this place serves affordable Pan Asian Cuisine. We used to visit here during our college days and make customized noodles or fried rice for a takeaway. There is a seating area upstairs as well where roughly 10-15 people can dine at a time. We tried the

If you have a budget constraint at the end of the month, eating out at fancy places is definitely a no-no! But, there are places in Bengaluru where you can sit down for a good or fulfilling meal within/under just RS. 100! Yes, we are not joking when we say this because we have tried the food in all of the listed places and can vouch for how cost friendly it is, along with the fact that it serves delicious food! Let us get straight to these 5 places in Namma Bengaluru: Rooftop Café – A café by the well known local cake brand, Cakewala, Rooftop Café is a cosy place to hangout with friends or family at any time of the day. It is located above the Cakewala store, opposite COOL JOINT, in Jayanagar 4th  Block. A prominent location,

Dhokar Dalna is not a dish that is popular in Bengali cuisine. Unless you have grown up in a Bengali household and had a skilled cook or a mother who is a prolific cook, it may not have formed a part of your diet. Fortunately for us, we have a mother who is a prolific cook and does not shy away from making complicated recipes. If we ever had guests at home who were vegetarian or any family gathering that was a strictly vegetarian affair, Dhokar Dalna would make an appearance. The word “dhoka” alludes to some form of illusion and misrepresentation and this dish aspires to do just that. Dhokar Dalna was pioneered by widows in Bengal who were forbidden from indulging in non-vegetarian food. They started to create their own cuisine which emulated the non-vegetarian dishes using vegetarian ingredients.

Every baker’s house that we have walked into, we have been greeted with a lot of warmth but this was the first time we were also greeted with a cake, made especially for us! Yes, that is what Kouser had baked for us in her signature rose and pistachio flavour along with the bake that she would finally demonstrate for our Youtube channel. Homebaker Kouser Rizwan, upon shifting to Bangalore, decided to experiment in baking and soon realized she had a knack for it along with cooking. Orders from friends and family started to flow in and she had a thriving baking venture called 'Bake County' from the comfort of her home. For us, she had prepared a special chicken wreath, which was minced flavoured chicken stuffed in a bread, made from scratch, and then baked. Honestly, it was hard for us

A conversation with Simran will usually leave you a lot to Google because she will mention varieties of flours and sugar that you have not even heard. Founder of the healthy baking community, Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community, or fondly known as OMBC, and building a life around her commitment to healthy baking, she is an inspiration. Walking into her house, in the quiet, lush and canopied lanes, it is bustling with her toddler daughter, young son and a dog. Along with a family, she has handled professional commitments and her passion for healthy baking. A conversation with her will inspire you to introduce diversity in your baking because there is so much more to explore in healthy baking beyond whole wheat flour and brown sugar. The Ovenderful blog and Facebook page is the greatest testimony to the diversity that exists, but