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100% Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls! SO FLUFFY!

The smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls at home, hits differently, doesn’t it? Have them for breakfast, with a hot cup of tea or coffee, it’s always a delight! I love baking these with my sister, on lazy afternoons, or for orders. I make the dough and she does the shaping. It’s a team effort and it is totally worth it when you have the house filled with the aroma of cinnamon, sugar and butter! SO GOOD, right? If you want to try this healthy version of cinnamon rolls at home, read on for the ingredients (the measurements given will yield 20-22 big size cinnamon rolls):

260 ml warm milk

140 gms brown sugar/jaggery powder

1.5 tbsp active dry yeast/instant yeast (I use the one by PMW on Amazon)

120 gms softened butter (I use regular salted Amul Butter)

2 large eggs, at room temperature

450 gms whole wheat flour

2 tbsp oil for working with the dough


1.  In a microwave safe bowl, measure and add the milk. Heat it for 20 seconds to make it slightly warm. We do not want it to be too hot, as that will kill the yeast. Now, add 20gms brown sugar here(for yeast activation), then add the yeast. Give it a light stir and cover with a cloth for 7-8 minutes till it becomes frothy. If the yeast doesn’t rise and there is no activity here in 10 minutes, discard the yeast and repeat this process.

2. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, add the wheat flour, sugar and mix. Add the softened butter, eggs to this and make a crumbly dough.

3. Now, add the milk-yeast mix, which we prepared in the first step and knead to make a dough.

4. The dough will be sticky and difficult to handle, at first, but with 7-8 minutes of kneading, it will become soft and supple. 

5. On the kitchen counter, knead the dough well, for developing the gluten. You can oil your hands and the kitchen counter at this step.

6. Once the dough is soft and pilable, oil the bowl and let the dough rest for 1.5-2 hours in a warm place, by covering it with a cloth or cling film, till it doubles up. If the temperature in your area is cold, proofing time might take more. Be patient at this step and wait for the first proofing to be done.

7. Once you see that the dough has become double of its volume, punch out the gases, and lay it on the counter, for shaping.

8. In order to prepare the filling, take 30-35gms of softened butter, add 1-2 tbsp of cinnamon powder to this and brown sugar, to taste (We use around 20-25gms)

9. Divide the dough in two, if it is too difficult to work with, and shape in the form of a long rectangle.

10. Spread the cinnamon mix on this generously and roll it to a thick log. Now, using a big knife, cut up rolls.

11. Use a big baking tray to place the rolls, apart from each other and cover with a cloth, for second proofing(25-30 minutes). Once the volume of these rolls increase, it’s time to bake!

12. In a preheated microwave oven (180^C), bake them for 25-30 minutes, till it becomes brown. Keep an eye on the rolls after 25 minutes.

13. Once baked, brush with butter, and serve with tea or coffee!

Wheat Cinnamon Rolls

Though it is optional, you can use a cream cheese icing here, it takes the taste to the next level! Here is how you can make it:

50gms cream cheese, softened to room temperature

50gms icing sugar

45ml Fresh cream/whipping cream

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

14. Whisk all the above ingredients in a bowl, till it becomes fluffy. Should take about 5-6 minutes. 

Once down, spread in on the warm cinnamon rolls! Consume immediately and enjoy!

Ah, how I love these cinnamon rolls! They are healthier as they don’t contain any processed flours or sugars. Fresh, homemade delight, why don’t you give these a try?




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